Everywhere You Look – Obama Loses

Posted May 19th, 2015 by Iron Mike

His “JV Squad” just took Ramadi, and they’re beheading hundreds.
Obama's JV Squad takes Ramadi

The Chinese are claiming the Spratly Islands,  the Russians are drilling in the Arctic and stealing the Ukraine,  the Iranian Twelvers are laughing as they build Atomic Bombs,  the Saudis are going to buy bombs from Pakistan,  and Boko Haram is running wild across the South Sahara….

Obama can’t blame Bush anymore – HE OWNS IT!

This is a real tough week for die-hard Obama supporters; – the entire world is turning to shit on his watch,…and he has only himself to blame….

George W. Bush has been out of office for over 6 years…

Obama Legacy  burning ruins

Republicans in the House and Senate didn’t just overrun Ramadi – his “JV Squad” of Daesh/ISIS Muslim fanatics did…

Obama Legacy refugees

The GOP isn’t occupying the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine – his buddy Vladimir Putin is, – and he’s drilling oil in the Arctic Ocean too….

Bitter Clingers” aren’t building airfields on artificial islands in the Spratlys, – his buddies the Chicoms are….

White racists” aren’t killing Christians in Nigeria or rioting and killing each other in Baltimore,…sadly Black people are…. They’re doing it back home in Chicago too…

The man who was “so much smarter than Bush” – seems to be losing his grip as leader of the free world, – and there’s nobody left to blame...

But he’ll try…it’s all he knows. The man who got into Columbia and then Harvard Law on the Race Ticket, – who continually ran for office by blaming the White System for everybody’s problems and perceived misery,…hasn’t been able to fix a thing….

His one single “accomplishment” – ObamaCare – isn’t working,  – and ObamaCare Exchanges are going broke in state after state…. He is the father to yet another massive federal blunder….

Hope” and “Change” can’t save him from his own narcissistic ego,…and this summer Black people will show him just how insignificant he has become in their lives, – because he couldn’t deliver anything more than a cheap ObamaPhone.

He failed to read the handwriting on the walls three years ago, – when Democrat after Democrat ask him NOT to come campaigning for them.

But he was stubborn, – kept flying around the world living like an Arab prince, – ignoring reality,…

– until he lost the Senate six months ago.

Now even former ally Elizabeth Warren [aka Senator Squaw] can’t stand him.

And the clock is ticking….

Obama Letterman…he’s got just 20 months left to create a ‘legacy’,…and even his reliable friend David Letterman has retired…. Where can he go for a cream-puff interview…?

And all the while Muslim terror groups are competing with each other to see which one can bring about the next 9/11 here in America.

Whether home-grown or from abroad, one of their evil plots is bound to succeed – on Obama’s watch. Obama should pray it’s not done by someone he released from Gitmo…

What’s a lifelong Progressive Democrat got left to believe in?

The man who was supposed to finally heal all our racial wounds – has opened them up, picked relentlessly at the scabs, – and his wife just gave a horrible commencement address dripping with racial anger and victimization at Tuskegee.  What got better on Obama’s watch?

Black unemployment remains at historic high levels…. What got better…?

America’s inner cities and urban ghettos remain violent drug-riddled Black war zones, from Ferguson to Detroit to Chicago to Atlanta to Baltimore… What got better…?

Obama has reduced our economic, diplomatic, and military power to the level of a Third World Nation. How has that helped Americans,…or the oppressed peoples of the World…?

Obama has doubled our National Debt – with nothing to show for it….

Hillary and Obama

And,…as we race toward the 2016 Presidential Election, the Democrat’s leading contender is the scandal-ridden lifetime liar – Hillary Rodham Clinton, with her trail of dead bodies behind her.

Hillary and Dead Bodies

So Democrats, – do you stick with Hillary?  Or maybe go with Bernie Sanders or “Tax Rainwater” O’Malley?

4 Responses to “Everywhere You Look – Obama Loses”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    It will be ironic if ISIS captures and controls Anbar Province and Bagdhad by the Fourth of July. Which for a swift move across the sixty miles in the next 45 days. They would love to gain the capital and really make Obama look like the failure that he is.

  2. Flick

    I know this, you know this, and faithful rrb followers know this. However; all those entitlement and illegal voters don’t care as long as those checks and cellphone minutes keep coming.

    The takers now outnumber the contributors.

    The stupid now outnumber the thinkers.

  3. Varvara

    Nothing will bother 0bama. He will just go out and play golf.

  4. Panther 6

    BO is a disaster for our country and the world. His policies are beyond understanding and leave one wondering who or what he really is. He is not a proud American. I fear for our grandchildren if we can’t turn this whole situation around – soon.