Even MSNBC Reports Clinton’s Russian Deal

Posted April 24th, 2015 by Iron Mike

The most anti-GOP network,  always quick to defend the Clintons and the Obamas, – and to mock Republicans, – is suddenly ‘uncomfortable’ with the ‘appearance of conflict’?  Is this a sign that Hillary’s tangled web of lies is coming unglued?
MSNBC Reports

It’s not that MSNBC was excited to tell this story….

burying Hillary…it was buried 4 stories down their web page, even beneath the confirmation of Loretta Lynch…

And throughout the graphics were used to minimize the impact of the bad news. Vladimir Putin’s picture did not appear once in the 10-minute segment.

To even give time and space to a potential Hillary scandal can only signal that NBC and MSNBC are feeling a drop in viewers and a corresponding drop in advertising revenue.

Telling the TRUTH is always the last refuge of a scoundrel.

For most Americans – even those who loosely follow politics – this story is HUGE in it’s scope and in it’s implications.

It will be very hard to grasp that US SecState Hillary Clinton was willing to compromise US security intereststo commit TREASON – in exchange for MILLION$ of Ru$$ian Dollar$.

Uranium One 4 donations

The treason? Allowing Vladimir Putin to buy a US company, – to acquire US uranium, – and ship it on to Iran, – so they could build atomic bombs.

Hillary failed to disclose

If the proof – emails, documents, witness statements, etc, – could be assembled and brought before an honest US Attorney General – it would result in a trial for treason.

Bill's $500K speech

It would amount to treason as big as the Rosenbergs – who were executed.

Rosenbergs Executed

It dwarfs the sordid affair Bill Clinton had with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.  This is not a president getting a blow job from an intern,  – or Hillary having a series of lesbian affairs;  – this is massive treason-for-money scheme – threatening world peace.

As I post this I am reasonably confident the needed proof won’t surface in time for the elections next year. And our new racist Attorney General Loretta Lynch will have ZERO interest in prosecuting the case, – even if Putin gave her all his emails.

You have to wonder why though, – since Bill and Hillary can’t take all that money with them when they die. Is this all just to make Web Hubbell’s daughter vastly rich and influential?

Chelsea Clinton CFR

Or, like Obama, – are they also fundamentally interested in changing the world order and destroying the power of the United States…?  Why Hillary, why?

Today will be a very uncomfortable day for the Clintons, – and for Democrats across the land.

The Clintons have to understand that they’re suddenly very vulnerable.  Gee, maybe the Israelis have copies of the emails, – or the Chinese…?

For Democratswho have accepted without question that Hillary would be the natural successor to Obama, – they have no other viable candidate for next year.  John Kerry may be feeling a fresh breeze blowing this morning…[Gawd help us!].

But with MSNBC taking enough interest to give this story 10 full minutes of air time – the aura of inevitability that forms an invisible force field around Hillary – is suddenly full of holes. Hollywood – take note!

Clinton speech income

Clinton’s goal now is simple: Attack the story and the reporting as “Right-Wing operatives”, and muddy the waters enough so that the Obedient Democratic Faithful remain content to “Trust Hillary”.

I mean,…after all, these are the Clintons!    They wouldn’t have sex in the Oval Office,   – murder an inconvenient lover,  abandon Americans in Benghazi,  – let their daughter marry the son of a convicted felon [Edward Mezvinsky],  – or sell America out for Million$ to the Russians and the Iranians, – – would they?

Clinton Global Initiative w faces


Watch for Bill and Hillary to do a joint Sunday news show with a friendly interviewer.

Watch for Chelsea to hire her own lawyers – they’ve made her a co-conspirator.

Watch for folks who have been keeping Benghazi secrets to finally open up.

Watch for witnesses and reporters to start dying!  The drive-by assassination of Boris Nemtsov in February – just blocks from the Kremlin – may indicate that witnesses are already being Arkancided.

Watch American campaign contributions to Hillary slow to a trickle – at least until donors see if this story has legs.

Watch gutless snake-bit Republicans sit quietly on their hands for fear of being called “anti-Woman” and “anti-Hillary”. Many Democrats [aka new world socialists] don’t care how much treason the Clintons have committed; – they J-U-S-T WANT HILLARY!

HISTORY QUIZ:    Why did the Rosenbergs betray American atomic secrets to the USSR?  What motivated them?  Is there a current-day parallel?

4 Responses to “Even MSNBC Reports Clinton’s Russian Deal”

  1. Flick

    If Iron Mike can figure all this out, I hope Trey Gowdy can do the same.

  2. Jim Gettens

    Hilldebeast, the TREASONOUS WHORE! Selling out U.S. National Security in exchange for cash is all part of the Crooked Clintons’ playbook. Remember the Loral Aerospace Missile Technology Transfer to Commie China for Cash Scandal during Slick Willie’s pResidency??? See http://www.eagleforum.org/psr/1998/june98/psrjune98.html

  3. Hawk17776

    I have to think there is some way the US can reclaim the assets through eminent domain in the interest of national security. Of course it would have to be done by the post-Obama administration.

  4. Jeff Wallens

    I don’t know, I think they always knew. I think what is happening is that MSNBC is just going to throw their support to the Bernie Saunders crime family rather than the Clinton crime family.