Evan Bayh Smells Easier Money

Posted July 12th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Some things just should not be recycled – like used toilet paper or used liberal senators.  Just ask Scott Brown – who made history by failing to be re-elected in two (2) states.
Gunga Bayh
Now former Indiana governor and former 2-term US Senator Evan Bayh – turned DC lobbyist – has been recruited by desperate Democrats to run again for the Senate. Indiana should know better…..

Evan is the son of Birch Bayh – the 3-term Democrat senator (1963-1981 / defeated by Dan Quayle) – who was famous for his work drafting the 24th and 25th Amendments to our Constitution, – and for surviving a 1964 plane crash which in retrospect we all wish had killed fellow passenger Ted Kennedy.

Like his son Evan, Birch settled in the DC area after his senate career.  He just didn’t want to return to the farms of Indiana after drinking that Potomac Water….

So a little history…..

In 2010 Scott Brown gets elected to replace Fat Teddy, – and manages to get a bill passed to end insider trading by Congressvermin. That ruined Evan’s easy-money lifestyle, – so he didn’t run for re-election.

He joined McGuireWoods as a lobbyist and Apollo Global Management and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Odd choices for a ‘democrat’,  but the man needed money…..

In the years that followed,  Senator Squaw blew Scott Brown back to Massachusetts,  and the Congress overturned his only signature legislation.  Insider trading by CongressScum is legal again,…and now it seems that Evan wants to be an insider again.

So with $10 million still in his war chest – he’s nudged another Indiana Democrat – Baron Hill – out of the race. Hill filed papers Monday to take his name off the ballot.

Democrats are smelling fresh carrion,  – they think they’re poised to regain control of the US Senate so they can continue picking the bones of our once-strong Republic.  

Bayh seems to believe he can ride Hillary’s coattails back into office.

Democrats have no shame….

They’ll happily use that recycled toilet paper….

Do you ~ think ~ the media back home in Indiana will spend any time or ink discussing the fact that Evan went to Washington and became a career insider,  – and NEVER RETURNED HOME?

One Response to “Evan Bayh Smells Easier Money”

  1. Hawk1776

    >Odd choices for a ‘democrat’

    Gotta disagree; perfect choice for a Democrat. Dems run for the money faster than Republicans. Look at Rahm Emanuel who made $16M in 2 1/2 years as an investment banker, or Nancy Pelosi who is worth $58M or John Kerry who married about $200M, or Hillary Clinton who left the White House “broke” and is now worth $110M. Everyone associates Republicans with wealth but the Democrats are as bad or worse. Dems only support the impoverished to collect their votes.