Eric Snowden & Rand Paul Win!

Posted June 1st, 2015 by Iron Mike

Massive phone data-collection program comes to an end as the US Senate cannot agree on a deal to renew it.NSA Program  Rand Paul Eric Snowden
Somewhere in Russia Eric Snowden is vindicated, – and across America and the Muslim World,  evil suicidal fanatics are breathing a little easier. 
Don’t put all the blame on Senator Paul…

The Patriot Act was last renewed in 2011.  Our highly paid selfish cowardly bastards in Congress – BOTH houses – have had FOUR FULL YEARS to fix the problem.

They didn’t.   They were COWARDS!   They kept kicking the can…

Senate Floor Sun 31 May 2015

Blame BOTH political parties.   Blame Obama’s disinterest and lack of leadership.

Reid   Abdulmutallab

The issue is profiling – the same issue which makes you take off your shoes at the airport security line. There was one shoe bomber [Richard Reid] and one underpants bomber [Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab]. But step up Grandma, – and take off your shoes.

We know where the worst mosques are, – who the worst and most radical Imams are – like Imam Abdullah Faaruuq of the Roxbury Mosque in Boston – where the Tsarnaev brothers went to pray.

Imam Abdullah Faaruuq  Roxbury Mosque

We should be targeting those phones and those persons. Grandma isn’t a threat.

But after 40 years of Muslim terrorism and Muslim attacks on our citizens and our soldiers – GAWD FORBID that we wake up and smell the jihad…

GAWD FORBID we ever make a Muslim feel uncomfortable, – as they walk amongst us wearing traditional Middle Eastern and South Asian garb, – keeping their women hooded and veiled….

Because understanding foreign cultures [that espouse killing and enslaving us under Sharia Law] is just so important to the concept of “inclusiveness” and “Religious Freedom”

Muslim Hood

Just as “important” perhaps as forcing a Christian baker to make a wedding cake for a gay wedding?

This madness needs to END!  Congress needs to authorize targeted intelligence gathering and targeted surveillance, – all under the watchful eyes of a skeptical court system.

Unfortunately, right now Ron Paul looks like the bad guy,  – and Republicans will be gleefully blamed if anything bad happens before November 2016.


WORTH NOTING: With all the hand-wringing about Privacy, 4th Amendment, and Muslim Terrorism,….

…just 40 miles up the road in Baltimore, 40 Black Americans died at the hands of other Black Americans – JUST IN THE MONTH OF MAY,…

– as Black politicians blamed White Cops,…

– and the Islamic Society of Baltimore remained silent….

Now if Muslim Terrorists had just killed 40 Black people…in ONE CITY…?

Islamic Society of Baltimore

UPDATE: Tuesday, 2 June 2015 Senate finally approves a 6-month extension – over Rand Paul’s continued objections. NOW we’ll all see if Congress is serious about writing a new surveillance bill, – or if they’ll keep kicking the can for the next 180 days…

By coincidence?...the FBI / Boston PD shot and killed a 26-year old radicalized Muslim – Usaama Rahim – who attacked them with a 7” K-Bar in Roslindale Tuesday morning. His personal Jihad died in the rain in front of a CVS. They’d had him under 24 hour surveillance…

8 Responses to “Eric Snowden & Rand Paul Win!”

  1. panther6

    Mike, I for one agree, this problem stems from the lack of action and a distinct lack of guts on the part of Congress. Profiling and harassing muslim jihadi’s should be the order of the day. Keep them guessing and off their game. Our national PCness supports them. One day soon there will be a moment of reckoning after a major event at a mall or theme park. Make no mistake, at least in my midget mint that happening is coming.

  2. Jim Gettens

    Gee, isn’t odd that after all the blatant lying and covering-up about bulk data collection, and massive, years’-long subversions of Americans’ 4th Amendment rights by politicians and government officials, the NSA/FBI/CIA cannot or will not cite A SINGLE DEFINED INSTANCE in which a purported terrorist threat or plan was stopped as a result of bulk data collection?! This program is all about rampant government power and the collection of massive volumes of information about ordinary, law-abiding citizens–so much so that so-called ‘intelligence’ analysts can’t even sift it properly or intelligently. Yet another example of the U.S. Government being too stupid to swallow its own spit.

  3. Iron Mike

    Jim,…while there is ~ some ~ truth to your point…

    …it’s a little like saying our entire Cold War missile program and all our ICBMs were a waste – because the Russians never fired a missile at us….

    Maybe there wasn’t a single defined instance – because the program forced the would-be terrorists off the phones, – off the internet, and made them reconsider.

    We need TARGETED surveillance….

  4. beachdoc

    Iron Mike you are right on target with this and keep shouting it out! We need targeted surveillance, but some surveillance is better than none at all. Right now, with no surveillance, I fear you are right. The Republicans will be blamed for anything that happens and HagHillary will be able to pretend to care and act like she would do so much better! Not a good situation!

  5. beachdoc

    Also, there are terror plans that have been thwarted without Joe Average American being aware of it. I am pretty sure that this was the case during the Bush Administration — not so sure about this since B.O. has been in power. But nevertheless, just because it wasn’t on the NBC Nightly News doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or there was not a threat.

  6. Jim Gettens

    To indicate that there is now NO Government surveillance authority is completely false and misleading. For the truth, open this link:

  7. MC

    The contract you enter into with the phone and internet carriers specify that you can be monitored.

    To think that we don’t need surveillance is ludicrous. We need to listen to the Chinese, the Russians, the Muslims, and the drug cartels.

    The NSA can listen to my phone calls all they want and I am sure they would fall asleep doing it.

    We as Americans must push back on some issues and let others that will benefit us in the long run survive. Rand is grandstanding while he runs for president, – but if something comes of this and citizens are maimed or killed, – will he stand up and say that he was wrong? I think not.

  8. Walter Knight

    There are many flakes in the bowl, of which Ron Paul is just one.