Eric Shinseki: Still A Lousy Leader

Posted May 15th, 2014 by Iron Mike

At least Custer died with his men!  Shinseki’s men are dying on waiting lists – and he still calls the VA “a good system”?
Eric Shinseki Betrayed Veterans
As an old soldier – a combat veteran myself – I am thoroughly ashamed that my Army produced a 4-star general as spineless, weaselly, and inept as Shinseki. He is easily the equal of Wesley Clark – Bubba Clinton’s buddy.

Shinseki is a desk soldier – a military bureaucrat who made 4 stars because the Army wanted to promote minorities.

Eric Shinseki Sec Veterns Administration

Yes, I know he got part of his foot blown off in Vietnam. That doesn’t take leadership or courage – just a bad step and bad luck. But as a combat-wounded veteran – he should have come into office in 2009 with a sense of MISSION and a sense of URGENCY.

We’ve seen neither. We’ve seen the career bureaucrats behave as if sick and war-wounded veterans were meat on a production line – while Shinseki concentrated in building an expensive new software system.

We KNOW how good Obamacrats are building software systems….

Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve heard endless horror stories about the VA. After the Vietnam War they resisted even calling Agent Orange poisoning a disease – or a service-connected condition.

After the First Gulf War, – they resisted treating soldiers exposed to both Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons and our own depleted uranium munitions. Soldiers and Marines suffering with Gulf War Syndrome were treated like conniving con artists.

It’s never been clear to me why Obama wanted the diminutive and lackluster Shinseki to run the VA, – unless the man’s very mediocrity satisfied Obama’s need to heap disrespect upon our aging veterans – the men who probably reminded him of his maternal Grandfather.

Shinseki and Obama - no love there

Or maybe Obama – the recipient of a lifetime of Affirmative Action, – knew Shinseki would be in over his head – and wouldn’t upset the VA’s union employees. That has been true. Little Eric ruffled nary a feather!

But now, with the list of dead veterans growing, and a criminal investigation underway into the dual lists at the Phoenix VA hospital managed by another AA/EEO director – Sharon Helman, Eric’s testimony before the Senate today is astounding.

When he called the VA system “a good system” today, – he proved he’s just another Obama toadie – regurgitating the administration line – while the bodies pile up at his feet.

Eric – you have brought shame to every real soldier you ever served with. Please resign and go crawl under a rock!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

UPDATE: Monday 24 November 2014 Helman finally fired by new VA Secretary Bob McDonald

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  1. Blossom

    Another incredible scandal engulfing this corrupt Administration.
    Our governments first obligation must be to the men and women who served in our armed forces. This is in store for all of us with this government run healthcare. The lengthy wait times, bureaucratic abuse, rationed care is how we are treating our war heroes. Shame on this President and his Administration. Shame on Americans that voted for this fiasco for our country.