Eric Schneiderman Drops Like A Rock

Posted May 8th, 2018 by Iron Mike

In my lifetime I have NEVER seen a politician resign from high office so QUICKLY at the mere suggestion of a ‘sex scandal’.  And Gloria Allred wasn’t even involved…yet…

Just gotta wonder if more shoes will drop,…maybe even videos…? 

RRB has avoided discussing the ongoing tawdry story of the NXIVM Sex Cult and actress Allison Mack who may have recruited girls for sex – and to be branded as members…. It was too Hollywood and too tawdry…

But suddenly….there seems to be a connection to NY AG Schneiderman – in that he refused to investigate NXVIM until under great pressure….

Was he a member or a client? Is there video? What other political figures are involved?

At RRB we’re fully content to sit back and wait for the NYPD to do their job.  But our readers should understand that many of the loudest and most strident anti-Trump Democrats are actually 2-faced hypocritesShouldn’t come as a surprise.

3 Responses to “Eric Schneiderman Drops Like A Rock”

  1. Commandcaddy

    I think “Pimp Mack” must be “talking”…..

  2. Mt Woman

    Interesting, could the Soros clan have actually found a weakness in Eric, exploited this with S&M prostitutes then went for the public exposure, extortion option when it appeared that he wasn’t too willing to play ball. All those thousands of dollars on campaign contribution really did have a pay-back cost.


    Those are just the VISIBLE $$$ – the ones donated directly to his campaign. OTHER (Bigger) money went to PACs to lobby for him, – and against opponents.

    Doubt Soros sold out his own toady; – more likely both Schneiderman and that sex cult thing got too big – grew too fast, and with the arrest of the actress/recruiter Allison Mack – is now coming apart.

    Some people are going to talk rather than do prison time for branding girls.

  3. integrity 1st

    Yet to be fully flushed out, our dear AG’s connections to all this.