Eric Holder’s Finest Hour!

Posted May 16th, 2013 by Iron Mike

This agenda-driven serial lying son-of-a-bitch is our highest law enforcement officer?!?

Democrats, PLEASE tell us what you trust this man to do… PLEASE!

5 Responses to “Eric Holder’s Finest Hour!”

  1. Tom


  2. Casey Chapman

    This guy is Obama’s buddy! Of course, he’ll never have to pay for Fast and Furious, or refusing to prosecute the New Black Panthers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Walter Knight

    Holder should be sent to Guantanamo and waterboarded for being an enemy combatant.

    Truth? Holder can’t handle the truth.

  4. Hawk1776

    As a freshman at Columbia, Holder participated in the takeover of an abandoned NROTC building. Columbia caved in to pressure from the black students and renamed and recommissioned the building to the Malcolm X Lounge. His behavior as AG is totally consistent with his actions as a student.

  5. Sam Adams

    The people who honor our Founders and the Framers of the Constitution had better get a spine, and fast.
    Conservative Republicans either stop playing the stupid games the Republican establishment goons insist we keep playing at every election and boot the bastards out of the Republican Party in order to get some genuine opposition to the Marxist ” Alinskite” in the White House…
    … or just lay down and get accustomed to the end of this country.
    Because it’s not “coming” anymore. It’s already here!
    When a Republican Congressman asks out loud, “Is this still America?”, then you can be sure it isn’t anymore.