Eric Holder Is “Exasperated”?

Posted October 29th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Outgoing Attorney General clearly looking for his pound of flesh.

Holder makes no bones about his distrust loathing for the Ferguson Missouri Police Department,…telegraphs the outcome of his investigation…even as he tells the Grand Jury leaker to “Shut Up!”Holder may be hated across this land even more bitterly than his boss – Obama…

Think for a moment about the lewd hypocrisy Holder has brought

to the Halls of Justice over these past six years….

He and his Department of Justice have been involved in smuggling guns into Mexico – which have killed thousands down there – and he’s been totally involved in the cover-up

He’s been involved – probably directed – the FBI monitoring the movements and communications of FOX reporter James Rosen…

He’s been involved in the IRS targeting of Conservative [TEA Party] groups,…and when the lid was blown off that operation, – he has moved to protect and cover the guilty….

He has ignored multiple cases of voter fraud in the 2008, 2010, and 2012 elections,…to include people registered to vote in BOTH Maryland and Virginia….

He has TOTALLY ignored violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants,…then gone after Sheriff Joe for enforcing the law….

He has sued Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas for enforcing immigration law….

Nidal Malik HasanHe has turned a blind eye to BOTH illegal immigration AND radical Muslim acts of terror in the US

– including calling the Fort Hood Islamic mass murder workplace violence”….

– – –

but now,…today…he is mad that someone is leaking the facts and finding of a Grand Jury – a Grand Jury empaneled to lynch a white police officer…?

Can you say “Racist Attorney General”?

It will not be until a real Republican president appoints an honest Attorney General in 2017 that America can have any faith in our federal justice system – or in our federal tax system.

But if Hillary is elected, – her attorney general will oversee the burning of every shred of evidence….

One Response to “Eric Holder Is “Exasperated”?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I believe that someone once said “in the Halls of Justice there is no justice”. This should be the motto of our Chief Liar and Law Enforcement Officer. He should be prosecuted for his crimes against the Republic, the military, the Border Patrol and the People of this great country.

    Should the GOP win the presidency in 2016 and the Congress has the cajones to charge and indict Holder and possibly Obama, it will be one of the happiest days of my life.