Eric Holder Ignored His Sworn Duty?

Posted September 11th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Sally Yates, the new Deputy Attorney General – under Loretta Lynch – has just issued the “Yates Memo” – which counteracts the old “Holder Memo”.  She’s setting the Justice Department after individual Wall Street crooks.
Sally Yates Eric Holder
Holder, the most racist and corrupt public official in the Obama Cartel, – ignored White Collar Crime – because Obama needed their campaign contributions….thus all his trips to NYC.   We should watch Ms. Yates with interest these next 16 months.

Hey, maybe she’ll send some guys to read Holder his Miranda Rights…

Do you think there are enough honest and competent patriots left at Justice to actually carry out the culture change Sally is looking for – that we’ve been needing?

Back when,…the “Holder Memo” asked Justice attorneys to consider the ‘unintended victims’ of a Justice prosecution of a Big Company,…i.e. – all the innocent employees, stockholders, etc. It was a great way of justifying going easy on political contributors.

The Yates Memo says to go after the corrupt thieving individuals!

Here is a sample of Ms. Yates – during her confirmation hearing.   Note she actually answers questions rather than dodging them.

I gotta admit,…I’m hoping she’ll be going after Hillary soon, – if she isn’t already…

Sally Yates with Loretta Lynch

But truth be told,…I’m waiting for Attorney General Trey Gowdy!

2 Responses to “Eric Holder Ignored His Sworn Duty?”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Oh-oh….. Should Ms. Yates be investing in a bulletproof vest?

  2. Kojack

    “Hey, maybe she’ll send some guys to read Holder his Miranda Rights…”

    Don’t hold your breath. Obysmal would never let that happen to his racist comrade. It would not surprise me if he gave Yates explicit instructions to go after the Wall Street thieves because he no longer needs their dirty money and sHillary Rotten Clinton because the Obysmals loathe the Clintons, but Holder is one of Barry’s closest allies and with whom he shares almost exactly the same ideology.

    BUT – BUT – BUT –

    But Kojack, – look at Obama’s pattern of using and discarding his ‘friends’…

    Today he no longer needs Holder, – so he ~ might ~ fling him under the bus with the rest of his discards…