Eric Holder Hiring Retards And Psychos

Posted August 23rd, 2012 by Iron Mike

Yeah, I know, I’m not supposed to call people with mental disabilities and severe problems ‘retards’ and ‘psychos’

 – but I did want to get your attention.

And Holder is hiring precisely retards and psychos!  Why should he care; – he’s only enforcing laws against white people?  This is taking AA/EEO to a bizarre extreme.  Once hired, we owe these folks FULL RETIREMENT with FULL BENEFITS – FOR LIFE!  See the document:

What better way to weaken the US Government than to fill the ranks of the Justice Department with incompetents and psychos?  Brilliant!

AND, … with this precedent set, plus the end of DADT,  why not force the US Military to accept people we now categorize as unqualified, handicapped, and mentally and physically unfit? 

After all, why can’t a wheelchair-bound child sex predator enlist and become a Navy Seal or a jet fighter pilot?  Why can’t a suicidal maniac become a Military Policeman?  Why can’t a pathological liar become a Military JAG? After all, – our current Attorney General is a pathological liar!

President Romney is going to have a LOT of evil to undo in his first 90 days! 

Meanwhile, the best Karma will be if some bleeding heart liberal finds his case being handled at DoJ by a newly hired Holder Retard, – who gives him a lot of lip!

How far into a 2nd Obama term will local governments and private citizens be required to hire retards and psychos?  Maybe by 2014?


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  1. Walter Knight

    Great, more Village Idiots.