Eric Holder Hates White Cops

Posted November 16th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Won’t allow Death Penalty for Black gang members who kill them.
Captain Kevin Quick

It was January 31st when reserve police Captain Kevin Quick was carjacked – driven to ATM machines, and eventually murdered by at least four members of the Bloods – a decades-old Black Los Angeles ghetto crime gang – now spread nationwide.

Good police work, and four goons – ironically from the “99 Goon Syndikate” were arrested, – then more members.

Protected by Eric Holder

Some have already pled guilty for their part in the crime and the cover-up.

The key four – Daniel Lamont Mathis, Shantai Monique Shelton, Mersadies Lachalle Shelton and Travis Leon Bell [aka Kweli Uhuru – because you really need an African-sounding name to be a real gang badass] were facing the Death Penalty.

Seems fitting for premeditated cop killers….

Not to lame-duck Attorney General Eric Holder – lifetime racist. He just ordered the Death Penalty taken off the table.  Seems Eric still has very bad memories of being stopped by white cops as a young man.

Justice for Captain Quick and his family?  Nah!  They’re white….

Holder has spent his entire life steeped in hating white people – despite enjoying advantages [exclusive high school, Columbia University and Columbia Law, high government posts...] – that very few white folks even get close to.

Eric Holder 1969 high school

But Eric seems to hold the view that certain groups – American Blacks, Mexican drug cartels, and Islamic Terrorists, – should be forgiven for their evil deeds, – because somehow white people are in total – far more evil. His boss Obama shares that view.

I can only hope that after returning to private live, – somehow Justice and Karma will catch up to Mister Holder….

Rest in Peace Captain Quick!    God knows….

2 Responses to “Eric Holder Hates White Cops”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Holder must be, without a question, the worse Attorney General that has ever served in the United States. He laughs at the Constitution and the Laws of the United States. He gives terrorists and foreign combatants and illegal aliens the legal representation and protection that are afforded legal citizens of this Country. The media railed about Gonsalez and Ashcroft, but Holder is their boy, no racial pun intended. We can only pray that he receives the justice he is due.

  2. MC

    Someday after Holder leaves his current position eventually he will need the assistance of a police officer. I can only hope the responding officer and his supervisor remember the many injustices that he has committed and they take the long way to get from point A to B.