Erdoğan And Putin: An Unlikely Bromance

Posted October 20th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It could make your head spin.  Just three short years ago Turkey’s president Erdoğan was putting down a coup by his Army even as Russian Migs were shooting down his jets.

Now he’s buddied up to Putin and has sent his Army into Northern Syria.  Bold move, – or desperation?

There is much about these events which remind this old soldier of those years of cooperation between Stalin’s Red Army and Air Force – and the German Air Force in the 1920s and 1930s…

While Democrats are too quick to brand Trump a sellout for withdrawing our Special Forces from the Syrian-Turkish border area, – it was both a pragmatic and a strategic solid move.  That sand is not worth American Blood!

If the Kurds really want their own nation, they’ve had 100 years since the Treaty of Versailles totally ignored them to prepare themselves to fight for “their homeland”.

And the BIG DAWGS in the neighborhood – Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Russia have had those same 100 years (and another World War) to deal with the Kurds,  – either to truly assimilate them,  – or grant them autonomy.

Now having spent 2 years fighting ISIS – and learning how to fight in the process, – the Kurds in Syria are a threat to Anakra, – with some 25 million Kurds living in Eastern Turkey – all wanting to be free of the Turks for hundreds of years….

So Erdoğan sent in his tanks,  and Trump got our people out of the conflict zone.  There was nothing there for us to be shedding blood over…  Not our land, – not our fight,  – nothing to gain.

In the long run (2 – 5 years) the Kurds will regroup and wreck havoc on those Turkish units – demoralizing them,  – and showing the Turkish Kurds that they too can join the fight for sovereignty.

Erdoğan may live to see a vastly greater Kurdish threat – INSIDE his borders….

Meanwhile Putin sees an opportunity to cultivate another Muslim client,  – another place to send weapons for combat testing,  – without having young Russians dying to reveal the design flaws…

Erdoğan should double his palace guard force.  He wouldn’t be the first Russian ‘client’ to suffer an untimely departure….

Folks, – you may have to explain much of this to the teenagers and millennials in your family, – particularly if they’ve been getting their ‘news’ from CNN….

3 Responses to “Erdoğan And Putin: An Unlikely Bromance”

  1. Sherox

    There is one other factor with the Kurdish women, not only are they battle hardened, they are often mothers who are willing to go any lengths necessary to secure their children.

  2. Varvara

    All thru history there have been women warriors. If and when they choose to give up being a fighter and go back to being a quiet woman, mother, housewife, it is their choice, – not Beto’s!

  3. Kojack

    The Kurd’s have historically not been nice people. They were allied with us as a matter of convenience. For anyone who is interested…