Entitlement Queen Shows Her Agenda

Posted December 12th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Rep S J LeeThe United States Representative
from Houston, Texas (TX-18th)
Sheila Jackson Lee

makes a most remarkable statement on the floor of the House today.  Always a champion of FREE STUFF from Government – for minorities – she has convinced herself that “entitlements are earned”.

This is the delusional “you OWE us” mindset that re-elected Obama.

Wait for the end.  Video after the break:

This phrase – ‘Entitlements are EARNED’ – is the tip of the political iceberg for this next 4 years.

2 Responses to “Entitlement Queen Shows Her Agenda”

  1. Tom

    SJL is representative of the 51% who elected Obama, most of which are either ill or not informed and will believe what this Socialist Marxist says from the floor of the House.

    We know that Obsma will not touch entitlements, they are his people and future followers of the poverty pimps. They will be mired in this morass forever and always vote as they are told.

  2. D.J.

    Entitlements, like social security, are earned. Though they do get to be just handed out to young people who end up on disability by 21 because their parents aren’t confident enough to allow them into the work place because they are considered schizophrenia through the mental health facilities. It is our young people who will determine the meaning of entitlements. Not our leaders.