Engage Your Local Moonbats!

Posted September 28th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans,

I have repeatedly urged you to engage liberals and moonbats in conversation. This can be difficult and may seem unrewarding,  – because they tend to tense up and regurgitate meaningless phrases and slogans.  But we won’t change any minds or any votes if we only talk to each other. So we have to try piercing their cranial armor and try reaching their inner brain cells. Here are ten questions you can start with.


hezbollah-salute31. Are there any countries that you feel ~ might ~ pose a naval or military threat to the USA or our allies over the next ten years? Which ones? What should we do about it? Should we wait to be attacked?  Has your computer ever been infected?

2. Given the direction that Obama is leaning, what do you feel the chances are of another major act of Islamic terrorism happening here over the next ten years?


desert-23. Are you comfortable with the level of illegal immigration and drug smuggling going on now? Do you employ illegals – say as lawn crew or domestic help? Do you sometimes use drugs?


18th Street Gangs4. If as Obama says, there are currently an estimated 11 – 13 Million illegals living here, – what is the total number of illegals you would be comfortable with? 25 Million – 35 Million – 50 Million? Are you looking forward to seeing the USA turned into a two-language nation, – like Canada is? Do you speak Spanish fluently?


5. How much more currency should the Treasury keep printing? What should trigger the stopping point?

6. How much Federal Dept should the government run up to pay for Obama’s social programs? What is the maximum Federal Debt we should carry? 15 Trillion, 20 Trillion, 30 Trillion?

7. Are you counting on Social Security and/or 401K funds for your old age? Why / why not?


8. What is your view of the state of race relations in the USA today?  Is it better or worse than it was in 1999?  Why?

9. At what age should school children be taught about Gay Marriage?  Should parents ever have a voice in the matter? At what age should we tell children about abortion? What’s the best way for parents and teachers to answer when kids someday ask if their parents or teachers ever aborted any babies?

10. Obama admitted to drug use as an adult. If he had also admitted to being a Socialist or a Muslim, would you have voted for him anyway?  Did you read either of his books? Which one?  Is he living up to your expectations?  Do you think he really knew all about ACORN?

The whole point of the exercise is simply to make them T-H-I-N-K!!   Expect 30% blank stares because they haven’t thought about these issues.  They’re just liberals.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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