End Of The Dingell Dynasty?

Posted August 5th, 2010 by Iron Mike


Michigan’s 15th District – the Southeast corner of the state – including the auto making bedroom communities south of Detroit and the über-liberal campus area of Ann Arbor is about to see a historic change.  The 77-year grip of the Dingell family is about to be broken.  Daddy held the seat for 22 years,  John has been in it for 55 years.  Can anybody say “term limits”?

In Tuesday’s Michigan primary Cardiologist Rob Steele easily won in a field of four Republicans in what the NY Times calls a “solidly Democratic” district.  Dingle has always won heavily, but this year I think the times are changing.  The last “non-Obama” election was 2006, when just 9,447 Republicans came out to vote against Dingle.  On Tuesday four times that many came out for the primary.

The governor’s race may offer a clue.  Statewide four Republicans pulled 1,045,335 votes against two Democrats with just 527,439 between them.  I ~ think ~ times are changing.

Did I mention Michigan’s 13.2% unemployment?

Dingle prides himself on having been a principle author of the ObamaCare Bill.  Think this heart doctor knows something about medicine, and what the people want?

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Dingle died of prostrate cancer on Thurs 7 Feb 2019

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  1. MommyDoctor

    Thanks for posting this. Dr. Steele’s campaign is crossing party lines, pulling in union workers, young people, retirees…you name it. Everyone complains about Dingell, but no one has had the guts to stand up against Dingell’s war chest and the Detroit intimidation machine…until now. Steele needs our support, this is a huge race to win.