Elijah Cummings Plays His RACE Card

Posted July 28th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The poor Blacks of Baltimore are SO SCREWED!!!
They have a corrupt Black Democrat Congressman (23 years), – they’ve just been through two (2) corrupt and inept Black Female mayors,….

…and their two Democrat US SenatorsCardin and Van Holland can easily win re-election by running in the White communities of the state.

Elijah is 68 – born in Baltimore, and a Lawyer out of the University of Maryland.

He has been re-elected to the House (i.e. rewarded for his poor performance) eleven (11) times – by mostly Black voters of the 7th District.

Maryland House of Delegates – 13 years (1983 – 96)

US House of Representatives 23 years (1996 – now)

His wife Maya Rockeymoore Cummings – age 48 is Chair of the Maryland Democrat Party.

At RRB we can Guarantee that since Elijah and his charming child bride don’t give a rat’s ass about Black Kids growing up in rat-infested single-parent drug drenched homes in Baltimore…

…they likewise don’t give a rat’s ass about Mexicans and Guatemalans in border detention camps.

They don’t even know those kids in the camps are living BETTER than kids in Baltimore.

After decades of attending AA/EEO Union-Run Public Schools in Black Baltimore, – do you think the voters there are smart enough to vote for anybody else come November 2020…?

Baltimore is EXACTLY how Soros wants the rest of us to be living.

MEANWHILE, here are the two 16-yr old Teen Muggers who were just BEGINNING their crime wave last week when they robbed the New Deputy Police Commissioner at gunpoint.

How did giving these kids fake African names improve their chances in life?  How did 8 years of Obama influence their career decisions?

UPDATE:  Thursday 17 Oct 2019  And it came to pass this morning that Elijah has gone to God,  – to explain all the things he did for Baltimore….

We can expect his crooked widow to be named to fill his seat – either until a special election or until next November.

3 Responses to “Elijah Cummings Plays His RACE Card”

  1. Walter Knight

    Watch. A Baltimore jury will refuse to convict. Baltimore is broken.

  2. Hawk1776

    I’m almost ashamed to admit that I was born in Baltimore. Once it was a fine working-class city, but even in the 1950s my mother lamented that Baltimore had declined. Donald Trump recently called Baltimore a “disgusting, rat-infested mess” which offended a lot of people.

    Well, it is a disgusting, rat infested mess. The schools are terrible. Some of the neighborhoods resemble third world countries. Crime is rampant and the police are afraid to do anything. Recent mayors have been corrupt. In 2018 USA Today named Baltimore “America’s Most Dangerous City”. Trump also called out Representative Elijah Cummings. Cummings was a minor player in the civil rights movement and he’s lived off that for fifty years. He’s been a professional black and has contributed nothing.

    Trump’s statement was blunt and politically incorrect but accurate. Both Cummings and Baltimore deserve to be called out. It’s time for Baltimore and Cummings to face the music.

  3. panther 6

    The congressman at the center of this dust up is a blithering idiot who should be recalled,,,,but won’t be because of his color. Trump is correct in what he has been saying. Also the President has put the Spotlight on Baltimore as never before and maybe some help for the poor folks living in that mess will now be forthcoming.