Elbert Guillory On The Berkeley Fascists

Posted February 11th, 2017 by Iron Mike

When you’re my age,  – and have grown old listening to race-baiters like of Jesse Jackson,  Al Sharpton,  and Louis Farrakhan;  – a man like Elbert Guillory pierces the sound barrier with a spell-binding quality.
Here is a man who understands our country, our history,…and the evil movement now threatening us.

Beginning in the 1960s,  union teachers and union-controlled schools slowly stopped teaching about the rise of Communism and Fascism in Italy, Germany, Russia, and China.

Oh, that could never happen here,….besides we want to move toward the ‘Good Socialism’,… – so let’s not confuse the students…”

Now we have three (3) generations of young Americans who have no on-board historical reference to measure today’s ranting politicians and street thugs.

Mister Guillory is worth listening to!

3 Responses to “Elbert Guillory On The Berkeley Fascists”

  1. Catherine

    I wish we could get everyone to listen to Mr. Guillory!

  2. Mt Woman

    I’m sharing this message, beautifully delivered and full of righteousness and intelligence!

  3. Patricia Herke

    Thank you Elbert Guillory. I love listening to you. Such a display of wisdom displayed so clearly. May the eyes of these youth be opened to the reality of their own demise and how destructive it is to us all. Thank you again you man. God bless you and all your efforts…..