Egypt: Mubarak Stepping Down? Nope!

Posted February 10th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Seventeen days of riots – probably a hundred dead, and Hosni Mubarak is stepping down.  Early reports say the military will ‘assure’ a smooth transition, and VP Omar Suleiman would run the country until elections could be conducted.  Now watch for the Muslim Brotherhood to step forward and demand a seat at the table . . . .

Watch the news . . . . Watch for Obama to try taking credit.  Watch people in other Islamic countries try the same tactics.

UPDATE 5 PM EST Thursday:  Mubarak is walking a tightrope between the Army, the crowds, and his ego.  He “is handing power to VP Suleiman” but “staying in office until the elections in September”.  It is a dangerous game, and it may cost him his life.

UPDATE  6:30 AM EST  Friday:  Mubarak is hanging tough, the Army seems to be backing him [for the moment].  The Saudis are blaming Obama for mucking up the works.  As Egyptions leave the mosques after Friday evening prayers – the crowds are gathering in vast numbers in the city squares.  At this point it will only take an accidental shot or an accidental death. . . .

One Response to “Egypt: Mubarak Stepping Down? Nope!”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    It looks as if Mubarak pulled a fast one on Obama, the Intelligence Community and the media. He is not leaving and will stay in Egypt and plans to be buried there. His burial may be sooner than later, because after they leave the mosques tomorrow, or maybe before, there will be blood in the streets of Egypt. The people in the streets are very angry and there anger will be manifested in the next hours and days. Pray for the Egyptian people if the military supports Mubarak.