Ed Markey: Who Wants ICE CREAM?

Posted August 19th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Chevy Chase Eddie – aka The Ice Cream Man’s entire political career is a testament to the mindless indifference of MassHole Democrats.

Up for re-election in 2020 – already he has two announced challengers, –  with Woody Woodpecker waiting just off stage.

Markey is a glowing example of the scientific fact that turds always float to the surface.

His 5 years hiding in a the Boston Army Terminal (68-73) while young Patriots from Massachusetts were fighting the communist NVA in Vietnam,  is proof that incompetence and laziness were already his chief characteristics;  – – he only managed to get promoted to SP/4 (aka “bird corporal”). 

Today he campaigns most emotionally against GUNS.

2020 would be a GREAT YEAR for a solid Republican to run against Markey (or Woody) – but the corrupt MassGOP and Charlie FAKER will surely sabotage any REAL Conservative.

2 Responses to “Ed Markey: Who Wants ICE CREAM?”

  1. Vic

    IRON MIKE FOR SENATE!! Where do I send the check?

  2. Clinton ma Tea party

    I hear Shiva is running for this seat. Massachusetts Gop is a lost cause, We hear how Baker steals from Republican state committee (databases) Then he is about to toll every major highway in Massachusetts. When does the Madness stop. We also find out alot of the morons in the Liberal left have strong ties to Massachusetts. WAKE UP AMERICA!


    Shiva? The guy “who invented the internet”? The guy with an Assault & Battery conviction? The guy who maxed out to John Kerry?

    He’s another FAKE Republican….like Brian Herr and Navy SEAL…