Ed Markey – Lifelong Fool

Posted April 23rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Ed wants Congress to ban “Hate Speech”.   After 41 years on our payroll, he still can’t define it [nobody can], – but he wants Congress to create an agency to regulate it.
Ed Markey Hate Speech

What’s this really all about? After 41 years of standing quietly in the back of the crowd, Ed is suddenly feeling the need to appear relevant. That’s a tough chore for the former ice cream truck driver – who never studied our Constitution. So now he’s jousting at windmills.

He likes his new job – being Maryland’s third US Senator. It’s a quick commute from his home in Chevy Chase, – he’s home for dinner every night.

But he has to run for re-election this November, and there’s a Republican and a RiNOcrat lining up to unseat him. He has to gin up some support from his MoonBat base, – so he’s trying to look involved, – as if his ‘leadership’ is making a difference.

He’s been talking about “smart gun technology”, and now “hate speech”.

He wants Congress to create yet another government agency which would study radio, TV, and the internet – and ‘recommend ways to stop hate speech’. Such dynamic and insightful leadership!

Ed Markey YoungMarkey the Clown, – the man with the 40-year old bad haircut – doesn’t get it, – that the very speech which started our American Revolution would have been called ‘hate speech’ by King George and the British Parliament.

Markey has had a lifetime of minimal accomplishments.

In 1968 [height of the Vietnam War] – he squeaked into a local Army Reserve unit, – and despite going to law school, – after 5 years he’d only reached the rank of SP/4.

Unexplained in his bio is how his enlistment ended a year early. Maybe the ice cream truck qualified as a hardship?

As a lifelong soldier, – I’ve always wondered if Markey was one of those reservists who wore a short-hair wig over his long hair on drill weekends….

Want to fluster a MassHole? Ask them to name a single bill that Markey ever got through either the Mass Legislature or Congress.

Meanwhile, we at RRB certainly hope Ed Markey considers our blog as ‘hate speech’, – since we hate everything he stands for!  That’s right Ed, – to real American Patriots, – your entire wasted life on our tax dollars is a hateful thing to contemplate!

3 Responses to “Ed Markey – Lifelong Fool”

  1. Casey Chapman

    THis is just another part of Agenda21. I hates it, I do. I suppose that makes this blog hate speech, as well as WRKO.

  2. Blossom

    When James Madison and George Mason wrote the Bill of Rights, there was a reason they made freedom of speech part of the First Amendment. It was the right to speak freely and openly criticize the government that was a right that they fought for.
    Freedom of speech was vital. In recent years, we have seen our freedom of speech being challenged and diminished by the liberal minority. Our “esteemed” Senator Markey and Representative Hakeem Jeffries have introduced the Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014. This act is a direct attack on the First Amendment and our freedom of speech and it must be stopped in the Senate and never allowed to become law. Contact your Senator and urge him/her to make sure this bill never happens.

  3. Kojack

    Hopefully Frank Addavinola will win the GOP primary and give us an alternative to Markey with real (not perceived)contrast.