Ed Markey Discovers Government Medicine

Posted May 12th, 2017 by Iron Mike

44 long years in government – and Ed “the Ice Cream Man” (aka “Dilbert”) has absolutely NOTHING to show for those 44 years.  NOTHING!

Well, except for his mansion in Chevy Chase….
   Suddenly Markey has discovered how lousy government medicine is.  He demands an investigation of the Boston VA HospitalRemember, – this do-nothing genius voted for ObamaCare believing that government medicine was good for us!

Markey hasn’t made an honest dime since he drove the neighborhood ice cream truck.

First he got elected to the Massachusetts Legislature,  then to Congress,  – where he became famous for attending (just attending) committee meetings.

In 2013 he faced fake Republican “Navy SEAL” in a special election for Kerry’s seat,  and won.   The US Senate now had it’s third clown.

At RRB we can only assume that being conspicuously irrelevant on a daily basis is wearing on Markey.

Even his wife Susan Blumenthal is a Rear Admiral / Doctor in the Public Health Service.  Markey only made it to SP/4 in the Army Reserve as he hid from the Vietnam War….

So suddenly he’s taking to ranting about issues he never knew about – like how lousy the VA is.

But he never said a word about the VA for the 8 years Obama was in the White House.   Truth is, – he may not have even known that we have a VA.

Ed,…can you define the word “Hypocrisy” for us…?

Could it be,…that Eddie the Ice Cream Man,…doesn’t have any friends who are REAL veterans?

No Ed,…your 5 years hiding down in the Boston Army Terminal don’t really make you a ‘veteran’; – they make you a clever draft dodger – just like Ted Kennedy.  BTW,  how’d you get an early out?

Massachusetts Democrats LOVE voting for flawed and phony caricatures.  So we have Senator Squaw and Eddie the Ice Cream Man. 

Neither one gives a shit about Massachusetts….

Once again,  with Markey demanding an “investigation”

we see a livelong Democrat government leech

using sick and wounded veterans for their own political purposes.

4 Responses to “Ed Markey Discovers Government Medicine”

  1. Kojack

    “Massachusetts Democrats LOVE voting for flawed and phony caricatures. So we have Senator Squaw and Eddie the Ice Cream Man.”

    “Ed “the Ice Cream Man” (aka “Dilbert”) has absolutely NOTHING to show for those 44 years.”

    These 2 “qualifications” are IRRESISTABLE to the MASSHOLES. MR SOFTEE will surely win re-election.

  2. Sonny's Mom

    At some point Markey started cashing in on global warming hysteria, trying to make a name for himself…

  3. Hawk1776

    He’s an empty suit singing a liberal tune. A typical Massachusetts Democrat who pushed the right buttons and lives off the citizens for forty plus years. He’s seventy years old and still the Junior Senator. Hasn’t done a damn thing and never will. My mistake. He’s not a typical Mass Democrat, he’s the perfect Mass Democrat.

  4. Paul J Baldi

    Mike, please! Don’t insult Dilbert by comparing Markey to
    him. I like to think of him as “Gumby”. He looks like Gumby
    and is a sorry useless sack of horse manure.