EBT Fraud Tied To Deval Patrick

Posted January 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Go ahead – call me a conspiracy theorist.  I think there are DIRECT LINKS between those 19,000 ‘missing EBT cardholders’ and Governor Deval Patrick.
19000 Missing

I think we can make a case for our TAX $$$ being diverted – to Uganda!
Dan Curley Linkedin
So you ask, – what the heck is NFSC-USA ?

Namugongo Fund for Special Children (NFSC). 

And WHO sits on the BOARD of the NFSC? 

NFSC Board

Anybody think the Patrick Administration will EVER find these 19,000 ‘missing’ EBT Cardholders?   Do you think they’ll AUDIT the program? 

Or,… do you think we taxpayers have been FEEDING poor kids in Uganda?

4 Responses to “EBT Fraud Tied To Deval Patrick”

  1. Sam Adams

    We were in the market today and heard a woman with a pile of rowdy brats speaking into her cell phone, “I’ll give your card back when I get done here.” EBT card?
    Of course! And we’re probably paying for her Obama-phone too!
    Unless and until, we decide we’ve had enough, this crap will continue.
    It may mean eventually storming the capitol.

  2. Don Ordway

    Is it possible that arrogance rules from the top of the Massachusetts State House? Deval say it isn’t so. DonO

  3. craig

    Go to market basket in New Bedford and watch the people approach you outside and offer to sell you an EBT card with $100 or $150 on it for $50. So they can run back and report it missing and get another.

  4. Jim Buba

    Mr. Patrick has a considerable interest in Section-8 housing, so you can easily see that his Special Interest is the business of welfare. While many of us get torqued over the excesses of government subsidies for the poor, try to stay focused on the notion that EVERY TAX PENNY goes towards paying the bills of the landlord, utilities and food programs.

    Mo Vaughn, former Red Sox firstbaseman bought an apartment complex in Lawrence, MA back in 2009. Certainly a ton of money was poured into the upgrades and renovations. However, since well over 90% of the tenants are Section-8, you can easily see that it is more lucrative to support the poor on the backs of the taxpayer than it is to turn an erstwhile honest buck as a landlord collecting private rents where the market is the cruel reality supported by the courts.

    Since the greater number of Section-8 coplexes are located in urban settings, it is that core of voters that command the complextion of the legislature. Literally, Lawrence, Lowell, Haverhill, Springfield, Worcester, Holyoke, Pittsfield, Brockton, Fall River and New Bedford are the influence that makes this Red State Blue.