Eat Your Heart Out Obama

Posted June 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Extremely Graphic Video!

When Senator McCain slipped into Syria three weeks ago to meet with ‘rebel freedom fighters’,  the clueless old buffoon had no clue about the kind of animals he was giving credibility to.

These al Qaeda-aligned Islamists are the worst that Islam has to offer.  Now,  pressured by McCain, Lindsey Graham, even Bill Clinton, – Obama is about to ship them arms and ammunition.  Gee, can your foresee an unintended consequence, or two,…or three?

Video below the fold – NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!

Now remember – this pResident of ours, [who never led, managed, or commanded ANYTHING] is about to use your tax $$$ to arm these butchers…. 

This is what a war crime looks like.  Why did this leader [Abu Sakar?] in the ‘Free Syrian Army’ commit this act?

Most likely to enhance his reputation as a fierce and bloodthirsty fighter.  He’s trying to impress the troops watching him – probably looking for a greater role in whatever comes after Assad.

Once these kind of things happen – particularly in the Middle East, – the grudges last for centuries – even for millennium.

Assad’s soldiers will wreck revenge upon this man’s family, his tribe, and their villages, – and so it goes.

And Obama understands none of this.  He’s going on a $100 MILLION DOLLAR VACATION – to Africa.

10 Responses to “Eat Your Heart Out Obama”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Obama WILL send troops into this mess. A mess that is NONE of our business. Yes, there have been lots of casualties, and I a sorry about that. However, Our “dear leader” is setting us up for another Vietnam. We don’t need that. Period.

  2. Walter Knight

    The mainstream media is against the Free Syrian Army. That should be your first clue that the Free Syrian Army is the good guys.

    The situation is just like Libya. American ground troops are not needed, or wanted. All that is needed is to damage Syria’s Air Force. The Syrians will do the rest.

    Assad, Iran, and Hezbollah are the enemy. All Obama is doing is supplying enough small arms to get our allies killed fighting against tanks and planes. Fortunately, the region realizes America can’t be depended on. Saudi arms will topple Assad.


    Well Walter, in your learned view – who or what runs Syria after Assad is gone?

    Where do all the Syrian arms and the US-supplied arms end up?

    Here’s a HINT: In the beginning, communists were only a small part of the Viet Cong. But they managed to let us kill off most of the non-communist elements.

    THEN, the NVA sat back for three years and let us kill off the communist elements…

    THEN, when the NVA finally rolled in, there were hardly a VC left to greet them. They had no part in the new government, – it was all Hanoi….

    You should be very cautious about wishing for Assad’s last day, because then the REAL bloodshed begins, in Syria, then Lebanon, and Iraq, and then Jordan.

  3. Walter Knight

    Congratulations. The Rabid Republican Blog is in complete agreement with Chris Matthews. Great company you’re keeping.

  4. Walter Knight

    We can Help the dominoes fall in the Middle East, with the ultimate goal being the overthrow of Iran. Too long Middle East dictators have propped themselves up with nothing more to offer their people except hatred of Israel and America. Now we have the chance for real change, like what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, and you want to do nothing?

    Vietnam was lost because we refused to cross borders and use our military against real targets. We bombed small roads and villages, but not the Communist leadership in Hanoi, or the Port of Haiphong.

    Assad is the enemy, and he is vulnerable. He already has American blood on his hands. All it takes is a little push from us, and he’s gone, lynched by his own people.

    What comes after Assad? The same liberals asked what comes after Gaddafi. Freedom is what comes next, if we support our allies.

  5. Kojack

    Walter freedom did not, I say again, did not come after Kaddafi or Mubarek – only anti-American Muslim caliphates. The LSM hates Assad’s forces not the “free” Al Quaeda infiltrated forces of the opposition. Bengahzi never would have occurred under Gaddafi who had abandoned his quest for WMD’s and Egypt has all but abdicated the 1st ever effective Arab-Isreali peace treaty. Christian persecution has spiked in both countries. It’s long passed time for us to get out of the Middle East completely. We could more than compensate for the loss of their oil if only the green moonbats would get out of the way.

  6. Walter Knight

    Gaddafi had American blood on his hands, too. We should have killed him long ago.

    I see you have bought the old liberal slogan about it all being about oil. It’s not about oil! We are at war, but too many people are in denial.

  7. Casey Chapman

    The endgame has to include who will take over After the current government is toppled. At this point, it appears to be a puppet gov’t for Iran. Then Israel will be in even more danger. Something the Arabs and our Dear Leader both want, apparently. The other question is, if we Do just take out the air force, what is going to keep the russians out of the fray? HMMMMM?

  8. Walter Knight


    Israel issued Russia a stern warning the other day about supplying anti-aircraft weapons to Hezbollah. I bet that scared them. Too bad no one in the White House has any balls.

    One of many reasons the United Nations is worthless is because Russia and China hold veto power. However, Russia does not hold veto power over American foreign policy. Russia will always take the side of despots and thugs. It’s what they do.

    When Israel occupied the Golan Heights they captured, wounded, and killed Russian soldiers. It was even on TV. Nothing has changed.

  9. Kojack

    It WAS about oil to begin with – if not for oil the Arabs would still be camel jockeys….as I previously stated and you fail to acknowledge Kaddafi paid reparations to victim’s families and renounced his WMD programs unlike Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, etc.

    Mubarak honored the only REAL Arab/Israeli peace treaty…..

    I see you’ve not only swallowed Obysmal’s Arab Spring BS you’ve washed it down with an ample amount of Kool-Aid.

  10. DannaP

    I never thought I’d hear myself say this . . . but NO, it is NOT worth one more precious American life to put our troops on the ground anywhere unless and until the United States Congress and president of the United States give some indication that they will FINISH the job that is started. Already, Iraq and Afghanistan are headed back to tyranny and we haven’t even pulled the last troop from Afghanistan. So why did our sons give their lives? Vietnam, Korea . . . much bigger missteps . . . yet we continue to sacrifice our sons and daughters. Unless Congress and the President are willing to stay the course, then stay home!