Duron Harmon: Kneeling Black Hypocrite

Posted March 24th, 2018 by Iron Mike

During 2017,  Black NFL players were making a conspicuous ‘statement’ before each game as many chose to ‘take a knee’ during our National Anthem.

Most said it was to protest unequal police behavior toward Black Americans,  – including many who had their own personal stories to tell about police treatment.
Now comes New England Patriot Duron Harmon….

Who just got himself arrested trying to smuggle his personal marijuana stash into Costa Rica,….58 grams hidden in an ice tea bottle….

It seems he is VERY lucky,…they sent him home on the next plane. 

We don’t think he would have enjoyed the Costa Rican Corrections system very much.

He’s also lucky that TSA didn’t sniff him out going through airport security here.

Hey Duron, – – what made you think you could get away with it? 

What will you say to Bob Kraft?

2 Responses to “Duron Harmon: Kneeling Black Hypocrite”

  1. Walter Knight

    Harmon’s marijuana was stuffed inside an ice tea can in his luggage. He was immediately sent back to the United States. The good news is that President Trump won’t be asked to negotiate his release. I think the President is done doing that.

    Harmon apologized to everyone, saying this is “not who I am.” Liar.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Simply another pinhead with a silly name and too much money who thought he was smarter than everyone else….