Dumb-Ass Teen Or ISIS Jihadi?

Posted October 10th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Anybody in Burlington know this walking turd?

On Sunday morning he caused a wrong-way crash in the southbound lane of I-95 – in North Hamilton, NH – which has killed a 30-year veteran of the Somerville Police Department.

Officer Louis Remigio – 55,  a 30-year veteran of the Somerville PD,  – was riding south on his motorcycle – returning from a trip to Maine;  when 18-year old Michael Ricci cut across the median and struck him,  whereupon two other cars piled into the wreckage.

Remigio died of his injuries overnight Monday.

So I’m guilty of reacting negatively to first impressions;  – I looked at the photo of young Ricci and thought “ISIS Jihadi!” – this guy is an ISIS wannabe who decided to go commit an act of Jihad like he’s seen in France, Germany, and England.

He’s fresh out of Burlington, Mass High School – anybody out there able to speak up for him?

Under New Hampshire laws – his Reckless Homicide (B) could get him 7 years, – but if he were also drinking or using drugs (A) – he’ll be looking at 15….

Rest in Peace Officer Remigio.  Your final act was to take a turd off the streets for a few years.   We thank you!   Save us a seat….

UPDATE:   Wed, 11 Oct 2017   Ricci was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon by Burlington PD – on a warrant for parole violation in a past case out of Lowell District Court.  So we learn he’s not a fresh turd….

UPDATE:  Wed 11 Oct 2017   Michael Ricci was led into Lowell District Court for his hearing on his parole violation – wearing Officer Louis Remigio’s handcuffs!   Prison is going to be very hard for young Mister Ricci – the 4-time offender.

7 Responses to “Dumb-Ass Teen Or ISIS Jihadi?”

  1. Kojack

    I thought the same thing about Ricci when I saw him on the 6pm news yesterday. There’s no mistaking the INBRED, UNKEMPT BEARDED, JIHADI LOOK. Anyone even emulating the appearance of the 7th century savages is definitely not playing with a full deck. What an asshole.

    RIP, Officer Remigio.

  2. Sonny's Mom

    “Witnesses told state police Ricci… was ‘racing other vehicles’ while driving a 2013 Mercedes-Benz C300 just before the crash, which happened when he suddenly turned through a restricted area and into oncoming traffic.”
    Charged with felony reckless conduct and bail set at $10,000 bail, which was paid, moving the hearing date to Oct 20. More charges may be added. (Boston Herald, 10/10/17)

  3. Catherine

    Where on earth does and 18 year old turd get off driving a late-model Mercedes? What a shame that the wrong person died in the crash.

    RIP, Officer Remigio.

  4. Panther 6

    This guy sure could pass for a jihadi… and his parents let him look like this and he was driving a Mercedes???? Something isn’t right with this picture. And he is only facing maybe 7 years behind bars???? Catherine sure got it right, the wrong person died in the crash. May Officer Remigio rest in peace.

  5. Burlington Local

    I went to the same school as him, a few of my friends know him and say he’s a bad egg. I never knew him myself since we were part of different cliques (he hung out with a bunch of trashy wannabe-thug kids). According to my friends they weren’t sporting the scraggily jihad-beard at the time. Judging by the type of kids he hung out with and what they were responsible for (trashing the library while shouting “USA! USA!”, about a year later a mosque was apparently graffitied with similar stuff) I’d say he’s more likely on the Dumb-Ass Teen side.


    Thanks for clicking in and adding to background! Come back often!

  6. Another Burlington Local

    Dude was a trash wannabe gang banger who made poor life choices. He went to school with me several years ago, but he didn’t have that pseudo-ISIS beard. Dude was just a piece of fucking shit


    Thanks for clicking in and adding to background! Come back often!

  7. Burlington Resident

    I live in Burlington and have personally witnessed this kid disrespect his mother in front of strangers back when he was in middle school. He didn’t have respect for his own mother or all the good she tried to do for him. She couldn’t control him then. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mom.


    Thank you BR for your comment and insight.

    Goons and thugs don’t turn that way overnight – it happens bit-by-bit. He was probably imitating his father – in a subconscious bid to gain affection from a man unable to give any.

    Now in prison with some hardened killers – he’ll learn – and likely come out even worse.