Dueling Missile Launches In Korea

Posted September 16th, 2021 by Iron Mike

The Sea of Japan is already crowded,  with multiple navies operating ships and submarines there.  Passages in and out are confined and well-monitored.  The Yellow Sea is even more crowded with international shipping.

The possibility of either an accident or a miscalculation is considerable.

Only a matter of time before both South Korea and Japan decide that Biden & Company is totally unreliable,  – and build their OWN nuclear warheads – to keep the NorKs and China at bay.

Does ANYBODY reading this believe that China Joe Biden understands the issues,  – or even gives a damn?

2 Responses to “Dueling Missile Launches In Korea”

  1. Ben

    Pres. Joe is on fantasy island, he thinks he is untouchable.

  2. Kojack

    South Korea and Japan should nuke up, it would give the CHI-COMMS something to ponder.

    If Ukraine had kept their nukes things would be different over there today.