Dropping Like Flies! Now Delahunt – MA 10th

Posted March 5th, 2010 by Iron Mike

The Chavez DealYou’ve just gotta know that Nancy Pelosi’s knickers are all in a twist.  Yesterday it was Eric Massa from NY 29th [“behavior” problems], – today its William Delahunt from Mass 10th [he’s seeing ghosts]!

Next?  Niki Tsongas, are you NEXT?   Barney, – maybe you too?  Retirement calling?

As a person, Delahut’s a nice enough guy.  But he’s been a pretty lefty loon in Congress, always carping against the Iraq war – even when we were winning.  In ’05 he made a deal for low-cost heating oil with Hugo Chavez.  We’re still not sure what Chavez gets in return.  You’ll note his district include The South Shore and Cape Cod – including the famous Gay vacation retreat Provincetown – at the very tip of Cape Cod.  Delahunt’s constitutions were always liberal – until Jan 19th – the election of Scott Brown.  They went for Scott big time – 60% – the widest margin in the state.  Did Bill hear the Ghost of Christmas Future?

Feb 19 - shot 6 / killed 3

Then on February 19th,  an old ghost came back to haunt former District Attorney Delahunt.  A whacked out professor wannabe named Amy Bishop shot six people at the University of Alabama Huntsville, – killing three of them.  We soon learn her trouble past had [almost] crossed DA Delahunt’s back in ’86.   

Back in ’86 it now seems that Ms. Amy was acting out a weird fantasy when she fired a shotgun three times, killing her brother in Braintree.  She then ran next door to an auto body shop and hijacked a car at gunpoint.  Somehow…somehow…Delahunt never prosecuted?  Somehow it was ruled “an accident“?  Too bad, those dead folks in Alabama would be at work today. 

Earlier today it was announced that Massachusetts Unemployment has jumped to 9.5% – 329,000 unemployedWhere are those Stimulus jobs Nancy promised??!?   The final nail in Delahunt’s coffin was driven back in August ’09 – when his mentor and skyhook Ted Kennedy finally croaked.  Time for the 68-year old 10-term Liberal to pack it in and collect his pensions.  One less MoonBat in Pelosi’s Bat Cave!  Bye Bill!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

PS:  Now let’s see if RFK Grandson Joseph P. Kennedy III will change his mind again and run for the 10th.

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