Drones Attack Maduro In Venezuela!

Posted August 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

His people are starving.  They’ve been rioting for months.  They’ve eaten the zoo animals and their pets.  Last week Maduro was forced to admit that Socialism has failed and his Venezuelan economy is broken,  – beyond repair….

A coup attempt was expected.  It came by drone.

Watch the video to see how quickly Maduro’s army scatters at the first explosion.

They are for parades and riot control,…

– anything that can shoot back or attack by surprise is beyond their level of training and discipline. Plus they were likely without ammo for this photo-op – televised live to the nation.

Like Hugo Chavez before him,  Maduro has cultivated all the wrong friends,  – such as Cuba,  – which is nearly as broke as Venezuela, – and cannot help him refine and export his oil reserves.

Despite decades of anti-US bluster and seizing assets of US and British firms, – Venezuela’s over-sized army is built for population suppression and riot control, – and is expensive to keep fed.

An army that big – you don’t want it to start feeling hungry.

Americans should expect a series of bad-news headlines from Venezuela over these next weeks and months.  Maduro has NO FRIENDS left in all of South America who can come help him.

WORSE,  both Russia and China would LOVE to exploit this moment of desperation to plant their flags in Venezuela,  – thus staking an ownership claim to the Caribbean and the Panama Canal.

For 8 long years, it seems Obama and his CIA geniuses Brennan and Clapper ignored the growing crisis in Venezuela.

BOTH the Venezuelans and the Americans will be paying the price for our photo-op narcissist – for decades.

Two left-wing traitors who dropped the ball…

4 Responses to “Drones Attack Maduro In Venezuela!”

  1. walter Knight

    The only place Venezuela’s off-grade oil can be easily refined is Texas. Good luck with that. Communist regimes only last if propped up by the West. When America stops the ATM, they fail.

  2. Kojack

    I thought the CHICOMS already had bases in Venezuela

    Brennan did not drop the ball, it was intentional. He voted for a communist and has also converted to iSLAM. That puts in in exactly the same league as Barack HUSSIEN Obama, which are his main qualifications and why he was appointed.


    You’re thinking Nicaragua Kojack, – they’ve been there 5 years now:


  3. Panther 6

    Chavez did such a good job purging the military that the current leadership loves what has happened. They are reining like fat cats and loving it. Their day will come. When I served in SA the Venezuelan military would not have tolerated Chaves or Maduro By the way this drone attack looks sort of amateurish and not the CIA.

  4. Walter Knight

    A few comments about the drone attack. Years ago the drone attack might have worked. Now, electronic anti-drone measures are available to bring down drones, or return drones to sender. In America anti-drone devices are routinely used to prevent smuggling over prisons.

    All manner of weaponry and technology bought by dictators is why grass roots revolution today is difficult, even against very unpopular regimes. The people of Venezuela need help from America for a regime change to happen.