Drone Swarm Attack On Saudi Refinery

Posted September 14th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The CLAIM is that Houthi rebels in Yemen (backed by Iran) launched a highly successful attack on Saudi Oil Refineries.

If true,  – it represents a remarkable advance in technology for people who Obama dismissed as not worth our time or trouble.  It means our people are in REAL DANGER! 

For over 10 years American military planners have had to reckon with the eventual possibility of mass swarm attacks on our ships in the Persian Gulf by the Iranians.

The Twelvers plan to sacrifice untold numbers of their young believers in an attempt to knock out one of our super-carriers.

I think the attack overnight on the Saudi refinery was just target practice….

Anybody remember how much CA$H Obama and Kerry gave them? 

One Response to “Drone Swarm Attack On Saudi Refinery”

  1. panther 6

    The face and manner of war is evolving based on technology advancements and even second tier rebels can make things happen that could not even be imagined just 5 years ago. The Houti’s have fought the Saudi’s to a draw – amazing in itself but the source of the drones, whether they came from Yemen or Iran is the Iranian imams. We failed to deal with them when they seized our Embassy and we are paying a price for that today. Those swarms of little boats and now drones may well embarrass us by sinking one or more of our US Navy major combatants. As far as I know those ships have few close in defensive systems. like MGs, 40 MM grenade launchers,,etc etc to stop such attacks.