Draining Gold From A Corpse?

Posted November 6th, 2014 by Iron Mike

The next generation of Race Pimps is now practicing – LAW. Professor Justin Hansford – St Louis School of Law – is taking the ‘bereaved parents’ of Ferguson, MO teenage thug Michael Brown to the UN in Geneva, Switzerland.
Michael Brown's parents and Hansford
WHO is paying for this trip – where these ‘bereaved’ gold diggers will meet with 20 Obama administration officials BEFORE meeting with the UN Commission Against Torture?  Here’s a hint:

Hansford used to work for Obama.

So the 2008 election of Obama didn’t end ‘race-based politics’? It just began a new era of Government Funded race-based politics…?

Professor Hansford has been circulating a ‘paper’ – in which he charcterizes the August 9th shooting of strong-arm robbery suspect Michael Brown as “murder of an unarmed black teenager – surrendering with his hands up – by a white police officer”.

It almost looks like a Hansford-Sharpton contest to see who can drain the most gold and garner the most headlines from the corpse of Michael Brown.

And as of today, – I’ve seen NOTHING printed questioning the failed parenting of his publicly ‘bereaved’ parents.

With autopsy and forensic evidence backing up Officer Darren Wilson’s version of the deadly encounter, – Professor Hansford isn’t about to let little things like facts get in the way of his rise to fame and fortune.

Michael Brown photographs

Nah,…he’s got his version of the facts,…and he’s sticking to ’em!

Michael Brown  strong-arm thug

2 Responses to “Draining Gold From A Corpse?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Just as long as our corrupt Attorney General, the Justice Department, the media and our race baiting pResident continue on this destructive path the race industry will continue to flourish. If the Fergusn Police or the Missouri authorities would only release the autopsy findings maybe this nonsense would end, but they would be spun by the race baiters and the media, as well.

  2. Walter Knight

    Democrats will keep racial hate at the forefront of their agenda to keep their voting base in line. There will be no attempt to solve anything.