Don’t Look Back Obama….

Posted January 19th, 2017 by Iron Mike

…..we’re not waving!  You’re about to enter a special hell that only Jimmy Carter can begin to appreciate.   You should have studied his presidency….

Too late now.   Really,  – don’t look back!   Almost every thing you broke and tried to ruin – an American grown-up is about to start fixing.   He’ll have most of this nation behind him,  helping him,  and cheering him on.  Your entire 8 years are headed to the dustbin of History.

Historians will study your life and these past 8 years for the next 1000 years.  But NOT because you were great,  – rather because you blew each and very opportunity to be good or even great.  

You seemed to delight in being evil and in pretending to be inept.

That’s what Historians will ponder….what was wrong inside your head?

Even those of us who knew you were a joke and a fraud back in 2008 wanted you to succeed – for our sake…. Most of us aren’t racists – frankly Barack we still don’t give a fuck about your skin, – it was your deceitfulness and your thinly veiled evil – and your seething hatred of America which quickly turned us….

Remember when you said the Cambridge Police acted stupidly…? Actually, – it was you who acted stupidly – spewing your racist reactions before you even knew the facts. The beer summit was lame; – you needed to apologize. You STILL do!

That was the day you lost the Police vote – forever.  And their families!  Ask Hillary how that worked out….

Remember that day – Tuesday, December 1st, 2009,  – when you went to West Point and told the Taliban when you’d be pulling our troops out…?  Were you trying to give them incentive to continue the fight?  Funny how the enemy gets a vote about when a war is over,…isn’t it?

Lately you and others are blaming the Russians for Hillary’s loss.  

But YOU PICKED HER to be your SecState,  – and SHE gave the Russians the “RESET BUTTON”  – with the wrong words.

In other words,   she is corrupt, stupid,  – AND INEPT,…

and you picked her.

Then you followed up with Lurch,  when the Senate told you Susan Liar Rice was going nowhere…

What did Lurch give the Russians?  Ah, yes – potatoes!  Brilliant!

But Hillary wasn’t done fucking your first term.  First there was Fast & Furious,  and then Benghazi. And the Iraq pullout….. 

The evil inept bitch was getting people killed,  – first by the dozens,  – then by the hundreds, – then by the thousands,…and you kept her on and covered for her…?

Just how fucking clever are you?  Still feel “smarter than Bush”?

Cash-for-Clunkers, bailouts, ObamaCare, Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, in just 8 short years you DOUBLED our National Debt to $20 TRILLION!   Genius?


We’ve managed to retire you,  but that damn debt will be haunting our grand-kids until long past the day when you finally die….

WHAT did you buy with that debt Obama?   WHAT do you have to show for it?

By way of contrast,  we ran up debt in WW II,  – but we LIBERATED 100,000,000 people across North Africa, Western Europe, the Pacific including Indonesia, Burma, Indo-China, the Philippines, China, and Korea – in JUST 4 YEARS!

What did you liberate,…in 8 years…?

You did manage to overthrow some friendly allied governments and replace them with Muslim Brotherhood goons.  Was that an ‘accident’ – or was that your plan all along?

Along the way you managed to spill enough classified information that our historic allies stopped sharing intel with us. You proved untrustworthy, – and that stink will stick to your skin longer than your pigment.

As you walk away Obama – don’t bother being bitter at us. You were never one of us.

Sometime back in your childhood you seemed to have built up a resentment toward both America itself and toward White people. We’ll never know why – maybe being rejected by two or three fathers…

Maybe your grandfather’s racist remarks…?  Did you adopt your communist viewpoints just to please him?

All we know for sure is that you clearly thought of yourself as the smartest person in the room – any room – and that you were always lecturing us.  For someone who managed not to serve in our military,  – and who clearly never studied warfare or history,  – you always thought you were smarter than the generals.

In that respect – you will always be compared to the little Corporal.

The only thing you did for our military was weaken it – significantly,  – promoting totally under-qualified officers,  allowing gays to serve openly,  – then letting women serve where they are a nuisance, a distraction, or clearly a danger to others.

You and you alone are responsible for the growth and spread of ISIS,  – because YOU were the one destabilizing and overthrowing leaders across North Africa and the Middle East,v – and proving that you would not be a reliable ally.  All those deaths are on your head.

The only other thing you created besides ISIS,…is the strongest and most united Republican Party since the election of 1860,…or maybe 1980.

You had a full 6 years to find somebody worthy of being the 2016 Democrat Standard Bearer,…and all you could find was that lifelong compulsive liar – the one with a trail of dead bodies behind her…?  That was your best shot…?

Was it also your intention to destroy the Democrat Party in your wake….?

Once again your ‘generalship’ – your judgment is being questioned….

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazil…? Really?  About as bad as picking Joe Biden – the National Village Idiot – as your VP.

As I post this Obama, – your time in office is down to just hours. Then you become a bad memory – and the punch line in 100,000 jokes – worldwide.  Sure hope you’ve developed a thicker skin….

I personally sure hope you go to Hollywood and talk your friends into making a Bio-Picture – about you – staring you.  I want to see them spend another fortune on you – and watch it flop in the box office.  It’ll be great fun to watch!

Actually I really want you to go far away, and become a hermit or a Muslim Mullah – one that fasts and prays all the time – maybe in Kenya or the Sudan….

But I fear that I’ll keep hearing you braying out of my TV set for years to come – until even CNN and MSNBC grow tired of your shtick….

When Jimmy Carter shows up Friday morning – you should ask him how he’s been dealing with being retired and forgotten.  Maybe he’ll have some pointers for you.

But if he suggests you built homes for poor people, – forget it!  We’ve seen your attempts to handle tools.

You will mostly be remembered for the amazing con…..

You pulled off the greatest con job in the history of the world!   You got elected to the Senate,  – then into the White House – twice,  – all on White Guilt and utter bullshit.

No other man alive or dead, – with your combined lack of documentation and qualifications, – could have ever pulled THAT trick off!

Nah, don’t look back Obama.  All you’ll see are fingers!


We learned it from you!

14 Responses to “Don’t Look Back Obama….”

  1. FLICK

    I can still hear him chuckling about ‘shovel-ready projects’ when they failed.

    8 years of arrogance and condescension. And smirking from all of his press secretaries.


  2. Jim Gettens

    Read about the latest gross assault on personal privacy and liberty authored by the the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pussy and Loretta “The Corrupt Bitch” Lynch. See Judge Andrew Napolitano’s column:

  3. Sherox

    The fact of the matter is that he did accomplish what he set out to do which is to transform America. The nation is in shambles and it will take an enormous effort to begin to fix all that is broken. The people need to take control of the Republican party to fully bring it back under the right control and we need to stop trying to talk sense into those whose minds cannot grasp reality.

  4. Leonard Mead

    The Obama legacy is a tragedy still not accepted by over half the voting public. He set out to destroy our country and has largely succeeded because no conservatives dared step up and stop his policies. Thank God tomorrow Donald Trump will start turning around Obama’s intentional damages to our economy, our military, our continuing failed welfare system, and three generations of intentional democrat vote buying through growth of dependency programs such as food stamps, bogus disability claims, Obamacare job and healthcare destruction and the absurd glorification of islam as anything but a terrorist sect intent on converting the world or a horrible death.

  5. SpecialSnowflake

    It is extraordinarily rich to see you guys describe President Obama as a con man or a narcissist. Look at who is getting sworn-in tomorrow! A man who was born rich, who lives in a gold-plated apartment. A man who had affairs when his model wives stopped being hot enough for him, and who talks about and thinks about women almost purely as objects, at best. A man who thinks Russia should be our friend, who denigrates civil rights heroes who dare question his thin-skinned authority, and who can’t take the gentle lampooning of a staple network comedy show.

    I was born in the Carter administration; in my lifetime, President Obama has been, so far, the president most aligned with my own views. I assumed George W. Bush would easily be the worst president of my lifetime, but I think someone’s about to prove me wrong for the next four years. Just look at Trump’s cabinet-level positions: of the 23 people he’s named, 20 are white, 19 are men, 1 is black, and 0 are Hispanic. His education secretary pick has no background in public schools (and thinks guns should be allowed in schools because of grizzly bears!), his energy secretary didn’t know what the job even meant until after he was nominated for it, and his attorney general wants to suppress the vote of people who don’t look like that cabinet!

    I know I won’t find a sympathetic voice here, and it’s not my intention to say all this now so I can say ‘I told you so’ later. But I did want to lend a voice that’s not part of your chorus. Enjoy Trump’s term in office. You won the electoral vote. The rest of us will be marching on Saturday, and we’ll keep up the fight right through November 3rd, 2020.


    OK Snowflake, so you’re an under-50 know-it-all, – likely with a government paycheck.

    >> Obama — president most aligned with my own views

    So that means you are by instinct and reflex anti-White, anti-Police, anti-Capitalism, anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-illegal immigration, and pro Muslim…?

    What did I miss…? Oh yeah, you want free stuff for everybody – and make the rich pay…? And you want all kids forced into union-run schools so progressives can brainwash them…?

    Who did you support, Sanders, Hillary, or LaRouche?

    Where will you be marching Saturday? I want to come watch and take your picture.

  6. Hawk1776

    Snowflake, you are in for a tough eight years. The significant trait you overlooked for Trump’s cabinet nominees is that all are competent and all are successful. The adults have taken over and it’s the end of amateur hour (a reference you probably don’t understand). And just remember, when Obama was elected eight years ago his only qualifications were being black, being glib, and being a community organizer. Those of us on the right thought he’d be a terrible President, and he proved to be worse that we expected but we accepted his Presidency. No marches. No boycotts. No tantrums. That’s the way this country works.

  7. Jim Gettens

    Dontcha just love Snowflake/Pajama Boy/Lefty Moonbat/Congressional Black Caucus/Congressional Inauguration Boy-cotter hypocrisies and double-standards???!!!

    Why, just this week they were all fawning over the memory of an extremely flawed leader who happened to be Black.

    Snowflake, please let us know when and where you are marching. We always enjoy watching clown shows.

  8. SpecialSnowflake

    Wow, Mike. Don’t trust anyone under 50 now? (And I earn a paycheck and it’s not from the government.)

    You forgot pro-environment and pro-marriage equality.

    I’d re-frame your description of my stances:
    • I’m not anti-white, but I am pro-inclusivity, multiculturalism, and anti-white privilege.
    • I’m not anti-police, but I’m opposed to racial profiling and the institutional racism in our criminal justice system that assumes people of color are the suspects and white people are the victims.
    • I’m not pro-abortion (no one is); I’m pro-choice. Families should have the right to plan their families.
    • I’m not anti-capitalism; I’m opposed to capitalism without appropriate checks that protect workers and the environment—a livable minimum wage, thoughtful instead of wanton commercial development, etc.
    • I’m not merely pro-Muslim; I’m pro-religious freedom, for all religions, to worship the way they choose—as long as that trample on other people’s civil rights.
    • I’m not anti-gun; I’m pro-gun control. I have friends who are responsible hunters and I want them to keep their ability to do that. I do not think we need military-style assault weapons to protect our homes or shoot deer.
    • I do think that the wealthiest 1% can pay more for social services for the rest of us. Our current income inequality is absurd: did you know that the eight wealthiest men on Earth have as much money as HALF of the world’s population? Surely, there is a better way to do things.

    I’ll be marching in Boston. You won’t find me; I’ll be among hundreds of people. It’s not a tantrum. It’s called dissent: a true American value.


    OMG! What an utterly revealing rant! You CLEARLY have no clue about History, about our Constitution, – about Muslims – or about our 2nd Amendment.

    “…shooting deer”? How absolutely simple-minded and naïve that statement is – and so often uttered by MoonBats.

    Just FYI, the 2A has NOTHING to do with hunting. NOTHING!

    It was written and ratified to give us CITIZENS the ability (God forbid never comes to it) to shoot the government soldiers and police – if ever a government becomes overbearing and oppressive.

    Why do you think our American Revolution was actually fought? Why did the British stage a raid in Salem, – then weeks later march out to Lexington and Concord?

    YOU don’t get to decide – or even have a vote or a voice – in how I protect myself and my home. Whether it’s a deer, a moose, – a Mexican, or a Muslim coming through my door at 2 AM, – I want maximum firepower to deal with it.

    You want to sit in an unarmed house, – mark yourself with a red light bulb – go ahead. But maybe you should read about the Petit Family of Cheshire CT first. Safest town in the state – the Petits thought….

    Read about them. It’s on RRB.

    Then realize you live half-way between two HUGE prisons…..

  9. SpecialSnowflake

    “It was written and ratified to give us CITIZENS the ability (God forbid never comes to it) to shoot the government soldiers and police – if ever a government becomes overbearing and oppressive.”

    Who’s anti-police now…

  10. SpecialSnowflake

    By the way, it was neither a Mexican nor someone of the Muslim faith who did all those awful and brutal things to the Petit family. It was two white guys—who were both sentenced to life in prison, appropriately, after a complete and thorough criminal trial.

    But you can’t live your life according to your very worst fears, Mike. This is the last thing I’ll write here because I don’t mean to seem like a troll, but you really don’t have to assume the very worst in everyone. I’m an okay person, and so, I’m sure, are you. We may disagree—strongly—but I have no intent to actually do you any harm. We’re both Americans. We’re both humans.

  11. Jim Gettens

    Snowflake will, apparently, be marching in the 21 JAN 2017 Boston Women’s March for America. It’s “inclusive” unless you are white, law-abiding, gainfully employed, pro-rule of law, pro-Constitution Originalist, pro-free market capitalism, pro-Life, pro-immigration statute enforcement, pro-Second Amendment, pro-First Amendment, pro-Fourth Amendment, anti-Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in Government, anti-Regulatory State, pro-fossil fuels, a ‘climate change’ agnostic or skeptic, pro-traditional marriage, pro-domestic manufacturing base, pro-NOBamaCare Repeal, pro-federal workforce reduction, pro-Lois Lerner prosecution, pro-Environmental Protection Act revision, pro-Endangered Species Act revision, pro-Administrative Procedure Act evisceration, anti-LGBTQ public schools brainwashing campaign,…or, in other words, a “deplorable.”


    So go see Snowflake. He’ll probably be the guy with that Fearless and Benighted Moonbat Politician, JamieBoy.

  12. Sonny's Mom

    Oh no, the return of the S.S.!

    Y’know, I almost feel sorry for Obama. He could have led efforts at making genuine progress for black people. Instead he used people, white and nonwhite alike, to play up racial grievances, promote “sexual liberation” and government dependency, apologize for Islamist extremism, and dig us deeper in debt.

  13. Catherine

    LOL — to “special snowflake” —

    WHATEVER makes you think the police would be on the side of a tyrannical and abusive govamint? Especially since that has been the SOURCE of anti-police sentiment for the past eight years?

    Wake up, sweetie, the world works far differently from the way you believe in your fantasy.

    Historical note: the War of 1812 (y’know, where the Brits tried to take this country back) was won by PRIVATEERS – privately owned ships MORE heavily armed – and more maneuverable – than the British naval vessels. They were operating under “letters of marque and reprisal” (in the Constitution – go look ’em up; you’ve probably never read it) as our navy at the time consisted of ONE ship. Proof that we are to have a citizenry *at least* as heavily armed as the official forces.

  14. Panther 6

    WOW, this one certainly brought out a lot of comments. BHO should go down in history as our worst ever President. He accomplished what he set out to do and MORE. The country is a mess and we have a lot to be thankful for that the electorate woke up and put Donald J Trump in the WH. Now can he start the return to a nation set on the same course as our Founding Fathers intended? That remains to be seen but I think DJT is starting off in the right direction. It may take more than he can handle to fix our military who GHO emasculated! God Bless the USA.