Don’t Let Democrats Disavow Northam!

Posted February 2nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Democrats and their Propaganda Ministry allies have a HUGE PROBLEM – just in front of Trump’s 2019 SOTU Address Tuesday.  They’ve been harboring a racist baby-killer….and now they want to re-brand him as a ‘Republican’…

As Northam weighs his options,  – remember that Hillary Clinton Cheerleader and potential presidential candidate himself – Terry McAuliffe,  ran with Northam as his LtGov.   For years ALL the Virginia Democrats who knew Northam’s REAL background kept quiet.

This past week was a real bad week for Ralph Northam – and for all Virginia Democrats.

His remarks about Third Trimester Abortions and post-birth decisions about keeping babies comfortable “until a decision can be made” might have been brushed off,….

.until somebody started digging and found his 1984 Medical School yearbook page – and now he won’t say if he was the one in the KKK hood or the one in BlackFace.

At first Northam tried the apology route,  – as CNN immediately attempted to brand him as a ‘Republican’.

Virginians and the Media should have been alerted to Northam’s deeply embedded racism back in 2013 – when during the LtGov race he refused to shake hands with Republican Reverend E.W. Jackson:

Just imagine if a REPUBLICAN had refused to shake the hand of a Black Democrat….

Anybody smell the hypocrisy yet…?

Northam on Third Trimester Abortions:

…the infant would be resuscitated,…then a discussion would ensue…”

Do you suppose Northam is discussing White babies or Black babies…?

So Folks, lets add up the parts:

Medical Doctor and former US Army Medical Corps Major

Former Virginia State Senator (Democrat)

Former LtGovernor (Democrat)

Duly elected Governor (Democrat)

OK with killing babies once delivered alive….

Lifetime racist…..

Wants to remain in office in hopes this blows over….while all the Virginia Democrats in his past life claim ignorance…

Folks,….this is just one more case of the mask being ripped off the “Democrat Party”.

Since their founding by Andrew Jackson,  they have been about slavery and racism,  – and controlling people – especially Blacks and minorities.

In their latest form, – so-called “Progressives”,…i.e. Communists / Socialists / Environmentalists,…they are STILL all about THEM deciding what is best for the masses,…while THEY LIVE THE GOOD LIFE.

One Response to “Don’t Let Democrats Disavow Northam!”

  1. Mt Woman

    I pray that this killer is dead man walking. He is yet to be aware that his career is OVER.