Don’t Feed The MassGOP RiNOs!

Posted March 13th, 2015 by Iron Mike

My email arrived from ChairMouse Kristen Hughes – proudly trumpeting their ‘new & improved’ website.
MassGOP website

Since I’d just been highly critical of their site in a Boston Broadside article – I had to take a look. Sad to report it’s still just a RiNO watering hole. There is no Republican message there – just two donate buttons.

The reason is simple – and sad:

Our MassGOP was infiltrated and taken over long ago by the “Progressive Wing” of the Republican Party….

These are people who are gun-phobic, pro-abortion, pro-gambling, pro-gay marriage, and believe they can run government [and your life] more efficiently than the progressive Democrats who now rule Massachusetts.

Charlie Baker for instance is not a ‘Republican’ – he’s an elitist Progressive convinced that he can manager better than either Deval Patrick or Martha Coakley.

Democrat voters agreed with him last November, – and they fully understood how lame and inept Coakley is, – so Baker was no threat to their cherished progressive ideals.

Now Baker’s face is all over the new MassGOP website.  And their ‘Republican Message’ is…?

MouseketeerOf course I fired off a reply to ChairMouse Hughes – pointing out that her new website lacks any statement of Republican Principles and Values….

I’m not expecting a reply…. She really doesn’t like me much.

But she could have lifted that section directly from the Boston Broadside piece, with my full permission!


State boldly and proudly that Massachusetts Republicans are pro-LIFE, pro-Constitution, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-Marriage, pro-SMALL government, pro-Transparent government, and pro-LEGAL immigration;

– – or expect to alienate older voters, the TEA Party, the Liberty Conservatives, the Ron Paul libertarians, and gun owners.

Republicans are against amnesty, Common Core, open borders, drug use, Agenda 21, the United Nations, government-run railroads and a government-controlled internet; – and we want to see Lois Lerner prosecuted, jailed, and her pension terminated.

We aren’t suckered by Al Gore’s claims of Man-Made Global Warming, and we don’t want either our State of Federal governments spending our tax money to subsidize wind farms, solar farms, or little green cars.

Whatever you do politically in this government-happy statePLEASE don’t feed the RiNOs.

Don’t send any money to the MassGOP!!

Rhinos at watering hole

You see, last March – yep, just one year ago, – they ran a State Convention worthy of Joseph Stalin’s Politburo.

Frank and MarkThey brought a shredder to get rid of unwanted ballots – and managed to exclude two fine Conservatives from the Primary ballot.

Frank Addivinola was a candidate against Markey, and Mark Fisher was running for Governor.

Charlie Baker’s people “wanted to avoid a primary debate”, – so they rigged the vote to keep both men off the September ballot.  Baker and fake Republican Brian Herr [did you ever hear of him?] ran unopposed.

Coakley lost; – but Chevy Chase Markey got a six-year extension on his otherwise lackluster do-nothing Washington career.

Now Fisher has won a lawsuit – and the MassGOP owes him $240,000.oo – money they don’t have.  Thus the two donate buttons.


Until they want to step up and run with a REPUBLICAN MESSAGE on their website – and dump the progressives off the state committee staff, – let them continue to be funded by the stealth wing of the Democratic Party.

Give your political contributions DIRECTLY to candidates you’ve actually met, and actually trust to represent your beliefs and values.

We have worthy Republicans and Conservatives here in Massachusetts, – they’ll need your help next year at every level, – local, state, and federal.

The Democrat ballot is likely to be led by either Hillary or Senator Squaw, – or maybe Martin O’Malley,…and by then ISIS will have harvested tens of thousands more heads across the Middle East and Africa.

ISIS beheading Christians in Libya

We’re going to need Republican candidates who understand reality,

– not more Democrats who just want to run the government lollypop plantation.

4 Responses to “Don’t Feed The MassGOP RiNOs!”

  1. Frank L. McNamara

    Republican who want to be incumbents are no better than Democrats who already are.

    We ought to be looking for leaders, not competent accountants for the welfare state.

  2. Rob Cappucci

    Insult to injury is the fact that the executive committee of the MASS GOP just voted a $90,000 a year salary for the Chair of the MA Republican Party. Where does this money come from? I agree with you, Iron Mike, give to candidates directly.

  3. Walter Knight

    It’s only March. Give Governor Baker some time before you dump on him. Savor the victory. You can’t expect all conservative Republicans agree with you on all issues. Prioritize.

    The first step for Baker is to change what he can (appointments). He still has a Democrat legislature to contend with.


    So far Walter – he’s appointing only left-over and twice-recycled Dems, – and mostly fat ones…

  4. Marc

    Can somebody provide a list of “worthy” Mass GOP candidates? I’m sure the list can’t be all that long. I’ve been getting regular e-mail solicitations for contributions from a state representative from outside my district. She seems to be doing a good job, and I would like to support her financially, but I’m also aware that the state GOP is infested with RINOs and I don’t want any of my hard-earned money going there. So, who’s worth supporting and how do we guarantee that money donated to a specific candidate does not get passed up the line to the state committee? I’m all for starving the beast, but I also want to help truly worthy candidates. Thanks.

    Don’t confuse candidates for State Government office with candidates for the MassGOP State Committee….

    The Election for MassGOP State Committee critters comes in March 2016 – the same election where we pick our presidential candidates.

    On that SAME ballot you pick one man and one woman from each State Senate district (40) to the State Committee. It takes only 150 [maybe 300] signatures to get on the ballot – and in many districts the incumbents run unopposed – because nobody bothers.

    Keep checking with RRB, – we’ll let you know when to pull papers.