Don’t Cry For Me Connor Brandon

Posted July 29th, 2012 by Iron Mike

The truth is…we never stopped you…

Another alumni of our ?ber-expensive Acton-Boxborough High School has gone to meet his maker – with his system full of unknown amounts of booze, pills, and final nightmares.

Pity his parents. Pity the next set of parents.  Acton’s dirty little liberal drug-addicted secret is out in the open. Everybody wants you to look the other way and remain ‘respectfully silent’.  I won’t!

Acton’s in-your-face drug-obsessed marijuana / cocaine fueled arrogant ‘what’s the harm’ liberal elitism killed this kid as surely as if he’d played Russian Roulette.

The grizzly facts: A ‘rave concert’ at the Comcast Center in Mansfield.

Designer drugs – many home-made, booze, pills, ecstasy, marijuana, hallucinogens… 21 transported by ambulance, 45 arrested, two (2) dead.

And now? Sadness, regrets, mourning, bowed heads, a wake, and a funeral.

For YEARS this has been happening here.  Kids get stopped on a regular basis on Route 111 with open containers, and enough drugs to be classified ‘for distribution’, – and yet don’t get kicked off the high school teams – in some cases don’t even lose their captaincies.

Why? Because ABRHS is all ooey-gooey liberal, obsessed with making life blissful for gay kids, buried neck deep in UN Agenda 21 and Green Flag contests, and fearful of making waves with the all-powerful school boards.

For years the police have been told they cannot bring the dogs through the school or the parking lots.

‘What a horrid and invasive idea – some kid might have an arrest record and not get into an Ivy League college!’  So AB looks the other way, and plans their next gay-appreciation week.

What ‘Message’ Do The Kids Get?

AB kids slowly get the message that Mom and Dad don’t care about ‘recreational drug use’ – “Just don’t get caught – because damnit – lawyers are expensive!”

And when they do get caught – they quickly learn the power of their parent’s money to get them off the hook.

The selectmen and the school boards of BOTH towns are guilty – of deliberately ignoring the issue – for YEARS. This blog ~ may ~ irritate them, but not much more. After all, what’s a dead kid every year or two – compared to the soothing comfort of another long drag of marijuana?

These ‘public servants’ just conducted an expensive nation-wide search for a new fire chief, – hiring a guy from WAY out of state. But will they do what’s best for our kids?  Hardly!

 Yet year after year they’ll recommend the bigger budget so all the union town employees and union teachers get a fatter paycheck.

Maybe you expect teachers to get involved?  What, and lose their jobs for ‘violating some kid’s privacy’? We have a school full of blind eyes. And, we’re paying TOP $$ for it!

So the message is that their parents are ‘OK’ with drugs, – the police won’t do much for a single weed, – and the schools aren’t interested in anything more than lip service.

Let’s see what happens when a kid finally ODs at school.

This could have been much worse.

Unreported is how young Connor expected to get home from Mansfield.

Can you begin to imagine how many people might have been killed in an accident on I-495?

So Acton, like so many liberal towns – will hold it’s breath and wait for the next kid to die.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

And take due note: Where are the outrages voices of JamieBoy Eldridge, Jen Benson and Cory Adkins? Will they show up at the wake or the funeral – looking sad-eyed, and looking for votes? Don’t be fooled, they know their votes come from the drug-using families.

FOLLOW-UP:  Wed Nite, 1 August: The combined Acton and Boxborough School Committees meeting. Regular business included approval of minutes of several past meetings, the 30 new school buses, and the bond sale to fund the new Lower Soccer Field.
I delivered a letter, and spoke very briefly.

Please note the overflow crowd of concerned AB Parents.  As we sat there – two more AB kids hit a tree in Boxborough – and got a helicopter flight to UMass Medical in Worcester.


November 6th 2012 Election and Ballot Issues:

Acton voted 63% YES on medical marijuana [Quest 3]
and 58% YES for legalized suicide [Quest 2].

Boxborough voted 61% YES on medical marijuana [Quest 3]
56% YES for legalized suicide [Quest 2].

Anybody surprised?

47 Responses to “Don’t Cry For Me Connor Brandon”

  1. Walter Knight

    I used to not care about marijuana, until I had children. Then I cared. Drugs change our kids personality for the worse.

    I once told a school principal I wanted one of my kids’ school locker searched. When I was told no, there would be privacy issues, I told her I would do it myself. They relented, and did the search.

    The key is to pay attention to your children, no matter how lax or liberal the school gets, because in the end only family cares.

  2. Karen G

    According to my child, a student at ABRHS, you can pretty much buy any drug, if you want it, at or around the school. While we thankfully have not directly experienced any problems with drugs or alcohol, I do not appreciate the easy access to these substances in school. I think the cops are trying (this same child witnessed a drug bust at the skate park adjacent to school property when he was 11 years old), but it’s not enough, and certainly their efforts fall short if they don’t have cooperation and acccess to what the kids are doing on campus.

  3. Tom

    This is happening in all of the so called “affluent” towns in the area. Marijuana, drug and alcohol use is rampant and our liberal legislators would just as soon make marijuana, the gateway drug legal. Many of these kids go from high school, to college and the to rehab before the end of their freshman year. This is the parent’s responsibility while they are under their roofs and the schools responsibility to report the offenders to the police. As one who has seen firsthand the ravages of both drugs and alcohol the responsibility lies first with the individual, then the intervention family member or friend, and finally law enforcement.

  4. mindy story

    So to be a good republican is to be a homofob, a biggot and promote more hate in our already hateful world? Any clue why kids these days feel the need to escape? You don’t scare me personally Mike although I’m sure you wish you did. You are scary as most extremists and prejudiced people are. Surprised you didn’t use your blog yet to put down every other nationality other than white anglo saxon church goers. I feel sorry for your children. Being “the toughest father in Acton” doesn’t mean you are the best father or the most loved but it sounds like having your kids scared of you takes priority over feeling loved. Much success to your kids.
    Thank you for clicking in Mindy. I’m sorry that it was this sad occasion that brought you to RRB.

    My sons aren’t scared of me – in fact mostly nowadays they have a lot of fun at my expense. I’m very proud of them, and the hundreds of others I helped raise over the years.

    Homophobe? Hardly! Do some honest research before you make unfounded charges. Read a piece I wrote in Dec 2010 “Iron Mike on DADT”. You can google it.

    Meanwhile, take your hurt feelings and put them in a compartment. Use the rest of your brain to watch how quickly this death is swept under the rug.

    Until Acton and Boxborough adults come to grips with the result of their own drug use, you can expect their kids to die at a steady and predictable rate.

    If you want to change things, – I’m probably your best friend. If you want to feel sorry for a dead teenager but do nothing to rattle the local cages, – then you can cry in your Kool-Aid and wait for the next ugly headline. Do you ever hear the sirens going up and down Route 111? We do.

  5. Walter Knight

    There’s Mindy, where’s Mork?

  6. Rabid Republican

    I’m not sure what Mindy’s point was. In favor of drug use in the HS? Against it?

    Her comment is cross-talk from the Acton Patch:

    She, and a LOT of local folks are rightfully ‘upset’ that Connor died. But they’re unwilling to really look at the core of the problem – our local drug-soaked culture.

    Much easier to call conservatives names . . . . even if it won’t bring back Connor or save the next kid…

  7. Mindy Story

    Sorry if I failed to mention my fear AND disgust at the way drugs are or are not handled in our small towns. It isn’t always obvious that your kids are doing drugs by the way. Some are excellent at waiting till they come down before coming home or they sleep over at a friends. Once they are 18 it is even harder to control their actions.
    Once they are in college…forget about it especially when they are out of state. Parent’s must do whatever they can from home first and then the community.

    Tell us please what you have done yourself to stop the sale and use of drugs in your community Mike?

  8. Slickwillyb

    You are a terrible, terrible person.

  9. Amir

    Come on iron mike, this is too far and you know it. I was always respectful etc when I came to the club and I understand one of the goals of this blog is to incite outrage, but come on. Connor died, but pointing fingers is retarded when you think you’re trying to fight policy, but what you’re really fighting is culture. If you wanted to change the culture, you wouldn’t complain about the school administration, which is really powerless to stop kids from taking drugs without becoming downright draconian.

    It’s also funny that you don’t think drug dogs ripping apart backpacks isn’t a violation of civil rights. Before you go “but the innocent have nothing to fear!” consider that currently only detect drugs in ~44% of the times they bark at something.

    And if you think the school isn’t doing anything about drugs/alcohol, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Kids have been suspended and expelled for possession on school grounds, but you aren’t a student or school admin so you really don’t have any idea about that.

    Here’s the reason AB kids do drugs so much: They’re bored enough to try it and smart enough to avoid getting caught. What happened to Conner wasn’t the inevitable conclusion you make it out to be, it was a tragedy that happened by accident. It’s because the culture in the town is so nonexistent and the academic culture in the school is so ludicrously rigorous.

    And uh nobody is “for” drug use among kids. People are against stupid, draconian drug policies that won’t stop extracurricular use. The school already educates kids about drugs, the problem is that there’s no peer pressure against drug use.

    I uh don’t really know what else to say, but if the goal of this blog was piss off liberals I guess you succeeded?

    Okay maybe this: You have to respect kids’ privacy. It doesn’t matter how pervasive or vigilant your security is, kids will find a way around it. Even if adults know better, the kids at ABRHS have demonstrated, pretty objectively, that they can outwit their parents when it comes to this kind of thing. And you’ll end up with something way worse than weed if you keep this up, stuff like benadryl or cough syrup or caffeine pills that you can get over the counter. Heck, if drug dogs had been busting up AB a year ago I can guarantee you that bath salt crap would have started floating around.

  10. Alexander Abbate

    Do you not have a conscious, or is it so out of wack that you think this is a mature and considerate thing to say? Even the way you type and the words you choose makes me wonder if you get ready in the morning by yourself. Trying to convince people you’re way of thinking is right in a time where people are scared and confused is disgusting. It’s a horrid shame that I have to share oxygen with you on this earth instead of Connor Brandon.
    Try to make a specific point Alexander – either about drug use in the high school, – or in the community, – or in your own circle of friends.

    Were you close to Connor, – or did you just know him from a distance?

    When you’ve said something to ADD to the discussion, then you can freely take a whack at me.

  11. Will

    Haven’t read this before, but as a former student of AB, and apparently a more decent human being than you, I find it disturbing that you would blame a tragic freak accident, on a liberal culture as a way to further your personal political views. Want to know how to stop kids from trying drugs? Give them something else to do in this s*** town. Possibly promote something beyond academic success, or the inclusion into a school team. There’s 499 kids in every graduating class that won’t be the best, and perhaps their happiness should be regarded when the decision making happens. You’re being a callous, extremist at a time when a fun-loving, kind-hearted kid, has lost his life. Go f*** yourself.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>—<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Thank you Will, for helping highlight the parts of the problem that your attitude adds to:

    – So you feel kids do drugs because they’re bored in ‘this s*** town’? Really, one of the most expensive bend-over-backwards-for-the-kids towns in America is a ‘s***town’? Are you ungrateful, or spoiled rotten?

    – And you feel this was a ‘tragic freak accident’ – despite the kid using dangerous drugs for YEARS? How many other AB students/classmates did drugs WITH him? How many that you personally know about?

    There is a specific term for the comment you’ve left here; – it’s called ‘shooting the messenger’.

    It would be helpful if you’d do some hard thinking, then come back with some more grown-up comments. As you point out, – there are nearly 500 kids per class. What should be done to save the next one?

    Last question: What part of Connor’s fate was in his own hands?

  12. Adam

    I agree with you. All kids who take drugs should die. The problem will end then.

  13. Victor

    I think it’s very strange that you blame liberals for this whole drug problem. The state administration has refused to decriminalize drugs to prevent easy access to them. You can call ABRHS very “liberal,” but as a student, the message couldn’t be further from the truth. ABRHS has given me many conservative viewpoints and messages and it’s not nearly as biased as you might think. There are many conservative and Republican families and individuals in town that would support the decriminalization of marijuana and other drugs and blaming it merely on liberals seems like an escape rather than a factual statement.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>—-<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Thanks for clicking in Victor. Now please explain how 'decriminalizing marijuana and other drugs' will prevent teenage drug addiction and overdose deaths…?

  14. Jeff

    Iron Mike, you are clearly a radical when it comes to your view points and that is very much ok I believe we’re all entitled to our opinions. However, I find it difficult to take your opinion seriously when you make ridiculous claims such as blaming drug and alcohol use on liberals and the school’s respect for gays and efforts to be more eco-friendly. You’re suggestion for dog searches is very valid as most schools in-state do it however it is very much a violation of privacy as most students in AB don’t abuse drugs and searching everyone in a manner that is not reliably accurate seems unfair and unjust. As a student, I can vouch that the assistant principles are very much on the look out for drug users. I have witnessed many cars being searched, lockers being searched, and students being questioned on suspicion. I have seen people be expelled. As far as sports teams go that’s up to the league rules not the school. In the end my view is this, students are going to abuse drugs and alcohol, and it will always be worse in AB due to the rigorous academics and sky-high expectations of parents and an increase in security doesn’t seem like it will be in any way productive in the fight against drugs as it will only increase the stress students are already under, thus increasing drug use. While it is a very sad occurrence and my heart and thoughts go out to Connor’s friends and family, I see no need to change the current policy because a former student died and inventing laughable scape goats and disrespecting a fellow human being by using his death to further your opinion and political power is very questionable to say the least. “JamieBoy Eldridge, Jen Benson and Cory Adkins? Will they show up at the wake or the funeral â?? looking sad-eyed, and looking for votes? Donâ??t be fooled, they know their votes come from the drug-using families.” I would say being respectfully quiet is much preferred by the public than you USING his death to try and gain you’re own votes

  15. Victor V

    ur a straight up fagget. If u live in AB why dont u drop ur last name to. DOnt wanna see what happens? IRON FAGGET
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>—<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< This person's IP <> traces to Stow. Anybody know him?

    I’m leaving the comment up so readers can see the level of ‘maturity‘ and ‘sophistication‘ our school system has produced.

  16. Matt

    So what are you proposing? This just seems like a rant to me. You start out by blaming the administration of ABRHS, whose aim in your eyes is to “[make] life blissful for gay kids.” This statement is so off base and generally ridiculous that I almost wasn’t able to objectively analyze anything else you had to say. Regardless, you continually levee blame (something which by perusing the rest of the site I can see you are experienced with) against ‘lax’ policies and the propagation of “liberal elitism” in Acton. Are you saying that changes need to be made to make these policies more stringent? If so, how do you expect it to work out? You seem a little out of touch, do you really think that kids will stop drinking or doing drugs because of increased severity in a possible punishment? If you really think that, then you’re in for a surprise; if you don’t think that, then why make such an inflammatory and disrespectful post? A kid died, show some respect.

    On another note, cocaine is most definitely not prevalent at AB and kids have ODed at school before.

    Also, posting IP addresses publicly is really not cool. You should take that down, how do you know the kid wasn’t typing from his friend’s computer?
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>———<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I'll answer a few points Matt: Respect? For a self-inflicted overdose? Some pity maybe, not respect. I’ve buried too many soldiers who actually died for a worthy cause to be wasting ‘respect’ on self-distruction.

    I only attach IP addresses to comments of utter azzwholes – and I do it to embarrass them. If they were typing from ‘a friend’s computer’ – that person needs to unfriend him.

    To you bigger question – the school reflects the culture and political whims of the town – at least the ones that go vote at Town Meeting. The rest of the taxpayers – mostly elderly – are stuck here to pay enormous property tax and listen to the sirens at night.

    Acton and Boxborough voted to make ‘recreational use’ of marijuana legal. That sent a bad signal, because the marijuana dealers are the final links in the supply chain which starts in South America and goes through the Mexican cartels. Marijuana IS a gateway drug.

    And as a result, our towns and our school system have become gateways to teenage drunkenness, teenage drug abuse, horrific traffic accidents, and overdose deaths.

    And unless you stop making excuses for the losers and the enablers, – Connor’s death will be swept under the rug. A year from now you’ll be mourning another acquaintance.

    So do you want to piss and moan at me; – or attack the real problem? Do you think you can save Connor’s brothers?

  17. Q

    [Iron Mike], with all due respect (wait…what due respect?), I bet your son has smoked weed. And I bet you would bail him out if he got caught. And how does pride week fit into this? You, sir, are what is wrong with America. While a proud liberal, I know and respect republicans — but not when they’re homophobic, bigoted assholes who blame everyone else for the problems of the world and have no respect from the dead. Connor Brandon bought bad drugs from bad people. I’ve bought drugs before — which is why I’m not using my real name or email — but only from people I trust, and I don’t buy anything I don’t know how to use and handle. He made a stupid mistake, but it is in no way the fault of the school
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>—————–<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Enlighten us Q - tell us exactly how you've learned to TRUST a drug dealer…?

  18. Q

    and as a student I know they crack down on it. I would also like to ask, how many times did you participate in underage drinking as a teenager? Don’t say you didn’t, because you did. Everyone does.

    And if you don’t like it, move. It’s not like anyone wants your opinions here, go join the WBC or something.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>—————<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< As a young paratrooper I did ~ some ~ drinking. We weren't paid much back then, - couldn't afford it. When I was Connor's age I was running a 21-man platoon in the 506th Airborne Battle Group. >> It’s not like anyone wants your opinions here

    So don’t click in, unless you find RRB addicting… Start your own blog – for drug-addicted losers.

    ONE LAST THING: Use your real email address from now on – or all your comments will be sent to spam. FINAL WARNING!

  19. Q

    In response to Mike — I feel like knowing someone basically your whole life gives them some degree of trustworthiness, and it might have something to do with the fact that (s)he made honor roll and has a steady job. Those might have something to do with that.
    >>>>>>>>>>>————–<<<<<<<<<<<<< honor roll - steady job - drug dealer Anybody see any mixed signals or future problems there?

  20. Theodore

    Because only Liberals do drugs.

    Because campaigning for more police activity, more invasion of property by the state, more backwards laws, is exactly how we secure small, Conservative government.

    Because the life of Connor Brandon, who at some point was born, lived, played sports, had a favorite food, went to class, skipped class, went out with friends, had fears and hopes and dreams, is of no value but as the subject of a political tirade.

    Well done, I guess.

  21. Alexander Abbate

    I don’t know why you’re asking or even care, but yes, I was close with Connor. I do think it’s adorable that you consider this a discussion. This isn’t a discussion, it’s a lonely low-life, sitting at home, writing rants about how liberals are taking over the world.

    I understand that you’re writing this little blogs because you think you’re right and superior to everyone else, and I’m not here to tell you otherwise, but I hope one day you can be more open-minded and at least listen to others for once. I doubt this is will ever happen because you’re already too lost in your own ego, but there’s still room for hope.

    If you want to talk about drugs then I’m so glad I experienced the wonderful gift of shrooms. I used to be a inconsiderate conversative prick, much like yourself, until I opened my mind and realized there is no justification for being an asshole. None. You have limited time on this earth, you shouldn’t be spending it slandering other people’s beliefs because they don’t match up with your own.

    And Adam, I wish I had a pathetic little conscious like yours so I could wish death upon you, but alas, I don’t. Nobody deserves to die. I will, however, wish you the best of luck in overcoming the mental illness you have harboring inside you. Find a therapist, or even better, a psychiatrist, so you can at least take anti-psychotics and not harm anyone of real use or significance to society.

  22. Chad

    I have to chime in here…as a graduate of AB from years ago. I hate to agree with a “liberal” but –at least for the years I was there– it was much harder to get alcohol than it was to get weed or cocaine. This was and is 100% because alcohol is legal but strictly controlled. Period. You can walk the halls of any HS to this day and get just about any drug you want except alcohol. Sure, kids got alcohol, but they had to have an older brother or someone else willing to get it for them. Marijuana…not so much. Some drug dealer who just wants a profit isn’t going to care that the customer is a HS student. He’s just going to sell it to them. But go into Colonial Spirits or any other liquor store in town –even in your 30’s and 40’s– and try to buy a six pack. I personally fought with the propiretors of these establishments for years. They knew me by name and yet insisted that I show ID every time I wanted to buy something. When I lost my ID guess what, I couldn’t get beer any more. IT’s as simple as that. Cigarettes and alcohol are the hardest things for kids to get and it’s because they’re legal but controlled. I’ve seen 60 year olds get carded but I’ve never heard of a drug dealer asking for ID. I’m just sayin’.

  23. Lucie

    Iron Mike, you seem like a very sad, lonely, man. You are not welcome by the ABRHS population to speak about our students, and your constant spread of hate is not a liberal value, or even a human value.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>—–<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I'm sorry, I missed the part where YOU were elected to decide where our 1st Amendment can and cannot be exercised…?

  24. Amir

    funny you talk about first ammendment rights but advocate drug dogs on campus which is an explicit violation of the fourth ammendment as per New Jersey v TLO

    also you responded to virtually every post but mine; what’sup with that?
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>——<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Well Amir, last time you rambled on for 880 poorly chosen, badly spelled and un-punctuated words.

    It wasn’t worth my time.

    You and others are still sniveling because you you don’t like what I wrote. OK, but I did tell the truth – and if it makes you uncomfortable. TOUGH!

    You said: Here’s the reason AB kids do drugs so much: They’re bored enough to try it and smart enough to avoid getting caught.

    If you think that is an acceptable excuse, – or a situation that we as a society should tolerate, – then YOU -Young Man are PART of the culture which let Connor sink into the quicksand.


    If you shrugged and looked the other way – you helped kill him.

    [Strongly suggest you take a course in writing. You need it.]

  25. Rabid Republican

    Just a few observations… It’s a shame that our expensive school system cannot produce more erudite writers than those that have expressed opinions here.

    A couple questions for all of you. If you knew Connor did you know he used drugs?
    If you did, what did you do to stop him? Was the teen code of honor that would have prevented you from calling someone worth his life? When do we learn that we’re not alone in this world and we have to look out for each other? Will this change your attitude to prevent it the next time? Or will you just keep quiet and take NO responsibility?

    You’ve all got a lot of growing up to do if you think tired and lame excuses like, “everyone’s doing it” and “we can’t stop it” are the answer. rr

  26. Sue

    Bored? That is the excuse? Because you are bored you think it is just fine to do illegal, at least now, and dangerous things? Why don’t you try doing something useful? Go volunteer at Lazarus house, for example. Or a soup kitchen. Or any place. Preferably someplace where you will learn just how privileged you are. You say many of you have jobs. As to the dealer one of you said is an honor student and has a job- why is she also dealing drugs? For more money? To do what? Buy her own drugs? I have news for all of you- adolescence is and has always been a time of great stress. It was NOT always a time to medicate yourself so you could cope with life. The fact that you all, after growing up in a town like this, are so sure you have everything figured out and know so much more than people who have lived a little longer than you is laughable. If you think life is tough now, you are going to be very unhappily surprised. and to the person above who swore EVERYONE drank in high school, I did not. Nor did I ever smoke or take drugs. And yet, I had a very good time.

  27. Jack Kallas

    Mike, I come from a family of AB graduates from ’94, ’01, and I myself graduated in 2010. You say that Acton’s problem is our “local drug-soaked culture”, but drugs are nothing new to AB.

    Marijuana, booze, and other drugs were there when each of my sisters were years ago. I went through the D.A.R.E. program, health classes, and the whole 9 yards of AB – not for one moment did I feel like drugs were tolerated lightly. In my 4 years, I also went through the probably 2 weeks total of what you’ve called “gay-appreciation week”, something your school might’ve benefited from. It’s a week in which all that is required of those participating is to wear shirts of designated colors to show our respect to other human beings. Only a bigot would undermine or try to deem such an event, which took at most an hour of planning, as something AB does to distract from bigger problems.

    You state that there are “blind eyes” at AB and that kids caught on the streets with “open containers, and enough drugs to be classified â??for distribution” are walking away with not even a slap on the wrist. In my senior year, I knew several people sniffed out in the hallways and pulled into offices to be suspended. I’ve also known several kids who have had permanent marks on their record from getting pulled over with alcohol or pot. So please, cite some examples of this laxity. Also, Connor’s drug habits worsened when he went to college in California. When he returned for the summer, his AB friends were the ones to try and intervene in his problems. Not that you care about Connor.

    You act as if this issue is solely afflicting Acton – due to the liberal actions that you fail to cite. Drugs are becoming part of the US culture, even if you or I wish it were not true. There are TV shows centered around drugs, they are sung about, they are everywhere in pop culture. Maybe it’s time for a change in thinking instead of being a parrot and throwing users in jail while reciting “drugs are bad and marijuana is a gateway drug” like has been done for decades.

    With this ignorant attitude comes a blind eye to those who are criminals in the eyes of the law but victims of addiction and drugs whom need serious help. If the state put as much funding into treatment programs as they did in incarcerating users, we would be better off. In Portugal, all drugs have been decriminalized, to a result of massive success that everyone should check out on their own. Five years after the measure passed in Portugal, drug use decreased, overdoses decreased, and the number of people receiving beneficial treatment for addiction INCREASED.

    As others have said, marijuana is only a gateway drug because it’s being sold by the dealer selling whatever to whomever. Legalization and regulation would hinder underage kids from marijuana much more than now, not to mention the other benefits to the economy and lack of cash flow to the dealers.

    I don’t expect you to respond to this post. It’s obvious you pick and choose which posts you respond to, just as you choose which facts to accept. I’m glad I have stumbled upon your blog, now when I need an example of how fucked up and ignorant republicans can be, I’ll link your blog and let you do the talking.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>————-<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Sigh, another rambling writer. At least this one uses spellchecker. So what is your BASIC message? Do you feel I should have done what the rest of the town has done, cried a crocodile tear at the wake, maintain my silence, and forgotten the issue as soon as the last shovel full of earth was tossed on the coffin?

    This issue isn’t political, – it’s social! It is good vs evil; dumb vs smart; ignoring vs caring; and giving in to the mob mentality vs standing up for what’s right. Unfortunately, most of the Democrats I know are drug-sympathetic, and many of the AB parents are either indifferent, or worse – enablers.

    Drug and alcohol use hurts everybody – whether they use them or not. 1.5 million are arrested for DRUNK DRIVING each year in the US. They KILL 11,000 people each year. Connor was ALSO DRUNK, and we still don’t know how he was planning to get home.

    I don’t want teenage DUIs or drug abusers coddled, I don’t want their crimes covered up, and I want our towns and our school to take a stand.

    If I’ve ruffled your teenage feathers, TOUGH! You’re already acting like a know-it-all and you haven’t left the nest. QUESTION: Did you know Connor when he was using? If so, what did you do about it?

  28. Walter Knight

    Feeling invincible? Keep taking those shrooms lol.

    I understand why people think marijuana is harmless. The arguement that it’s no worse than alcohal sounds good at first. Weed just makes you hungry, right? Mellow out. Gateway? It’s a personal choice each individual can control for themselves.

    But not really. What you do to yourself affects your family and others. How many marijuana smokers just do Marijuana? None. You drink and get high at the same time. And then there’s shrooms lol.

    History repeats itself. There is a large portion of the Class of 70 thru 73 that are dead, gone from drunk driving traffic accidents, drugs, liver disease, Hep C, and mental illness.

    I used to not care. Let people do what they want to themselves. It’s called freedom. But, eventually the youth blogging here today will have your own sweet children. You will watch them grow strong, make mistakes, learn lessons, and move on.

    But if they start young drinking and smoking marijuana, the sweetness will leave. Marijuana messes up kids ability to make good decisions, already a problem for many. Most people are able to deal with problems, and move on. But others cut on themselves, and your so-called harmless shrooms and marijuana, and even beers, hurt them worse.

    This should not be a conservative vs liberal issue. No one wants young people harmed. All are sad when it happens. The war against drugs is mostly waged in the privacy of our families, but often family is not enough. School, the police, and our towns need to be serious about trying to stop drug use.

    I realize the war on drugs cannot really be won on a grand scale, and that more neighbors will die. However, I’m still hopeful to at least save members of my family, and a few neighbors.

    Try not to let politics interfere with responsibility. It will be your turn to be an adult soon enough. As for parants who are dunkkards or drug users, hopefully your children will rebel in a good way.


  29. Neil

    I am a concervative here at AB. I plan to attend the young republicans meeting next year and I’m sure this discussion will come out through the year, but making this political is the wrong way to look at this. I know many conservatives at AB that have a different stance about drug policy (marijuana specifically). This is a horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the Brandon family but by no means is this a political issue. For all you know Connor may have been a republican. Stop making it a political issue and start to understand that this was a personal choice that became a tragedy not a political cry against liberals. To think otherwise is ignorant which you seem to be proving more and more to me you are. You seem to be a bit out of touch with the way things are turning. More and more conservatives are taking a libertarian view on things.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>———–<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< This issue isn’t political, – it’s social! It is good vs evil; dumb vs smart; ignoring vs caring; and giving in to the mob mentality vs standing up for what’s right. Unfortunately, most of the Democrats I know are drug-sympathetic, and many of the AB parents are either indifferent, or worse – enablers.

    Drug and alcohol use hurts everybody – whether they use them or not. 1.5 million are arrested for DRUNK DRIVING each year in the US. They KILL 11,000 people each year. Connor was ALSO DRUNK, and we still don’t know how he was planning to get home.

    I don’t want teenage DUIs or drug abusers coddled, I don’t want their crimes covered up, and I want our towns and our school to take a stand.

    Whether you are a Republican, a Conservative, a Libertarian, – or a mixture – TAKE A STAND for what’s right – and do not surrender our battleground [our school] to the drug cartels!

  30. Rabid Republican

    It’s quite interesting that the students here largely miss Mike’s point. It is that he cares and believes that this loss of life is totally unnecessary. Instead, they take his strong language as an indictment on Connor. I don’t think that’s it at all. If Mike didn’t care he wouldn’t write this, and answer all your comments.

    Take a good hard look at what’s going on around you. Get your life out of the immediate self-gratification mode you all seem to accept. Mike is putting the blame squarely where it belongs… On the school admin that tolerates drugs, the parents who look the other way, the townspeople who accept this as a fact of life…. And, finally, you, the students, who think it’s cute, grown-up, or fun to take drugs. Yes, a lot of hat’s been said may sound harsh, or trite. That doesn’t mean it’s not true. Some of you will quit this destructive behavior sooner than others. Others will not. It’s from this latter group that further deaths will come. rr

  31. Will

    [In response to above]

    First off, yes people do drugs because they are bored in this town. Do you know what there is to do for a kid here in AB? We don’t have a community center, or effective public transport, and there is no thought as to what kids are supposed to be doing for fun after school, day after day. I’ve even gotten kicked off soccer fields, when my friends and I were just having fun and using the nets to start our own game. You are forbidden to use the multiple basketball courts or the gym, even when they are completely unused and even if you bring your own basketball. You clearly haven’t thought of what kids are doing everyday for years and years. And so: expensive and gives a great education? Yes. A nice place for the kids to grow up? Not at all.

    And Connor was a smart kid, he may have done drugs, but so has many a president, and you have as well, having had alcohol. It was a tragic accident, because he was getting help, and his friends had already stepped in. His fate was in his own hands, but the same goes for every person who has died in a car crash. He died tragically, and deserves respect, because he was a person first and foremost, and you need to show some recognition of that.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>—————-<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >> “…fate was in his own hands…but the same goes for every person who has died in a car crash.”

    Did you bother to THINK before you typed that Will? Because it’s NOT TRUE!

    11,000 people a year are the VICTIMS of drunk drivers. Their fate was in the hands of the DRUNKS!

    You’re bored in Acton? Really? You don’t have enough playtoys? Mommy hasn’t arranged enough playdates for you?

    Ever volunteer to work at a hospital, an old folks home, or get your posse to pick up trash along a road? How about you do a gut-check, see if you have a pair, – stop sniveling, and make something worthwhile out of your life?

    How about you find a kid in trouble – and help him see his way OUT of it.

  32. Bryan Christian

    I’m pretty sure that programs like DARE and SADD presented themselves more In elementary schools than in high school, where all of this stuff is becoming real. Convenient right? What people aren’t getting is that there is a serious problem in this town. “Invincible” teens and it starts in the classroom

  33. Karen G

    Just checked back in on this post…I knew that entitlement was alive and well in Acton, but the comments here are truly eye-opening.

    Kiddos, I am not so old to forget what is was like to be in school as a teenager. I would GLADLY, and soberly, trade the stresses of working full time, paying a mortgage, dealing with bills, and running a household, for the “stress”, “academic rigors”, and social expectations of high school and college.

    Once you grow up, and hopefully get a job, perhaps have a family of your own, you will realize how silly many of you sound. There are givers in this world, and there are takers. You must decide for yourselves which is the more honorable way to live.

  34. Walter Knight

    Have all those future Young Republicans left us? Forever? What was that, a class assignment?

  35. Victor

    If it’s what I think it is, the decriminalization of marijuana would bring to end the drug war in mexico, because the cartels would go out of business as legalization would bring the price down. That’s besides the point, but I take te example of alcoholic prohibition – alcohol use and death increased. For drugs, both republicans and democrats feel the same – nobody should using them and it should result in arrests and fines. I think that trying an alternative that would allow people to live their lives freely. Like gay marriage, I feel government should be out of it, and states reserve the right to legalize or criminalize. Many adults look at us kids and think we’re wrong, but I don’t plan to do drugs and I don’t want the gOvernment babysitting me on everything, especially when SMOKING is legal and taxed.

  36. Walter Knight

    You start out with a good premise: You don’t want the government babysitting you on everything. Now if you will just carry that over to other issues, we’ll make a conservative republican out of you yet.

    Legalize drug use? You will think differently when you have children. Would legalizing drug use end the Mexican drug cartels, like the end of Prohibition ended gangsters? No. We still have gangsters, and we will still have cartels. But it doesn’t matter. It’s not going to happen. So what else can be done?

    We do what we can do. I concentrate on trying to save my own sweet family. You’re doing the same, I hope. Schools need to be safe places where students can concentrate on learning, rather than dodging fools. towns need to be dilligent in the neighborhoods.

  37. MYname Isnotyourbusiness

    Iron Mike, You are sad human being. You do have aright to your sad opinion, but at least we know that you are a minority. You should be a little sympathetic to the family of Connor Brandon. I truly feel sorry for your kids, that have you as their father!
    I am a parent of A/B kids, and I am ashamed of people like you!
    >>>>>>>>>>>>———+———-<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Well you 'brave' nameless thing, welcome to RRB.

    Yes I have ‘sympathy‘ for the Brandons. My youngest was in day care with Connor – went to a b’day party at his house when they were preschool.

    But sympathy cannot replace outrage and common sense. While many would prefer that I keep silent and let Connor’s drunken drug-soaked death go unmarked. I will not be silent.

    I will use this sad but predictable event to highlight the sheer hypocrisy of the many AB parents who feel it’s OK to use drugs themselves, – and expect that their kids will some how ‘stay straight’ until after college.

    And of course there is the overwhelming hypocrisy of the parents who openly advocate for marijuana and use it in front of their kids – who supply their own kids – and STILL expect that ‘nothing bad can come of it – it’s only weed‘.

    So you’d like me to show ‘sympathy’ for this death? Are you aware of the OTHER AB grad who overdosed last week?

    >> I am a parent of A/B kids

    Really? What makes you think THEY won’t be enticed, supplied, and hooked by their classmates and peers? What about your kids is DIFFERENT from Connor?

    How about you pull your head out of that dark place – and show some adult CONCERN for the other 2000 kids going through our very expensive drug-infested high school?

  38. Victor

    Walter, I think drug use under 18 should be strictly prohibited and enforced, like if one were to drink or smoke underage. I agree that town police should be on the school property making sure there is no underage drug use. However, I feel like the federal government should not be involved with personal business and should have no legislation regarding abortion, gay marriage, drugs, and personal choices like that. A true conservative would find a states’ rights point of view, rather than a huge federal government. This is why candidates like Rick Santorum are similar to Barack Obama, in the sense that they take control of everything federally, instead of respecting the 10th amendment.

    Iron Mike, addiction acts kind of like a jail cell on the human mind. Sex addicts that have resorted to prostitution (illegal) are rarely imprisoned and instead they can find treatments. Maybe instead of throwing every pot user in jail, we could decriminalize the use of it and even if we don’t allow the addicts to receive treatments they need, and then they can become functional members of society. And pot is less addictive than alcohol, so the argument cannot be made that the treatment won’t fix them as plenty of alcoholics are “cured.” Most pot users in America are adults that work (too expensive for those who don’t work).
    >>>>>>>>>>>—here we go again—<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Victor – why keep offering excuses and justification?

    Why don’t you just come out and state your age, and that you regularly smoke marijuana?

    Why don’t you ADMIT that you’re ignoring the connection between pot vendors and hard drugs? Just say it: “I’m part of the local drug culture, – and I don’t want to change.”

    Why don’t you admit that you somehow think that what happened to Connor – can’t possibly happen to you – because you’re so much smarter?

  39. Victor

    I do not smoke marijuana, never plan to, and I have never ingested drugs into my body. I’m not anywhere near close to the “druggie” group at school and I’m not part of the drug culture. I was simply trying to make an argument based on evidence and I wasn’t really expecting a personal attack, which was meant to associate me with something I’m not a part of. I don’t have to be part of a “culture” or a “group” in order to argue my opinion. You’re entitled to yours, I was arguing mine.

  40. Victor

    I’d also like to clarify that Victor V is a different person.

  41. Peter

    Adam, wouldn’t it be horrible if every kid who smoked pot died? We’d lose notable people like Michael Phelps, who probably inspired millions just today. How many people have you ever inspired? Marijuana – 1; Ignorance – 0.

  42. Walter Knight

    Well Victor, at least you are thinking for yourself rather than just parroting what you are told to think.

    You have seen the change in your friends from elementry school to high school. Not all have matured. Why? It’s the drug and alcohol use.

    The most effective way to fight drug use is family support, but often families need help from the law.

    Legalize drugs? Let addicts die in the gutter like in Europe? Europe does not take care of its addicts. Be careful of European models for doing anything. America exists because Europe usually gets it wrong. Hopefully someday you can travel to Europe and see for yourself rather than rely on people with a political agenda for information.

  43. Tungsten Tyler

    The hatred and insensitivity are strong with this one, folks. But what
    else could you expect from someone who writes for the “Rabid
    Republican” and goes by the absolutely stellar Xbox Live-esque
    name of “Iron Mike”?

    Just let this absolutely delusional man’s words fade away. If you
    don’t give him an audience, everything he says (thankfully) goes to

    Maybe he finds this post to be therapeutic in some way, I’m not going
    to judge. Sometimes people are desperate to find happiness in their
    lives. Maybe the death of a teenager is something that this man looks
    to celebrate and make a point out of so his political agenda can be
    shoved in other people’s faces and become the political agenda.
    I’ll be the first to admit that I know pretty much nothing about “Iron
    Mike”, but the first impression that I’m getting is that he’s a
    bit of a dick.

    With love and kisses,

    Tungsten Tyler
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>————<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Welcome to RRB Tyler. Why write such a long comment only to admit “that I know pretty much nothing…”?

  44. MYname Isnotyourbusiness

    I agree with Tyler, You are a total idiot, hiding behind your backward political beliefs.PKS
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>——–<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< IP: Sudbury, MA

  45. Walter Knight

    And people wonder why I’m pro-choice.


    This is so true, how school is blind to the fact that almost every kid in the school has tried drugs and that most are addicts who go out after school or come to class baked. Im not saying its not the democratic party fault, but its the bureaucratic bullshit that’s to blame. To do anything in the school you have to go through several boards and fill out endless paper, which is probably the reason why nothing has been done. The police need to do more, parents need to stop playing dumb, and even jobs should start actively drug testing.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>———–<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< You're correct – it's not a ‘Democratic‘ or ‘Republican‘ issue. It’s a social and cultural issue, and the majority culture in our two towns is LIBERAL, and is very accepting of drug use. By overlapping culture, selfishness [I WANT my marijuana] and politics – the outcome is that a majority of voters in both towns are ALSO Democrats, and vote that way.

    Kids who are still too young to care or understand the difference between parties – see their parents openly using drugs, booze, and other things, – and get the idea that it’s OK.

    Some parents think they’re ‘doing the smart thing’ by letting their kids do their drinking at home ‘where we can control it’. Within weeks they’re out driving, drinking, smoking dope, and hitting trees.

  47. Iron Mike

    Sorry Folks, I’m having to shut off comments for awhile on this entry. It seems some local youth have learned to display their poor education and lack of manners by posting vulgar and threatening comments.

    If you recognize these IPs I would appreciate a tip.