Donald Trump Can Only Buy Us Time

Posted November 15th, 2016 by Iron Mike

There is a wide difference between stupid and willfully ignorant.  Most Democrats are the latter, – willfully ignorant, deliberately uninformed, and determined to vote for what feels good, – while ignoring the consequences.
But they tend to breed,  – and their numbers grow over and above the babies they kill each year in abortion clinics.  Each generation they produce appears to this old soldier to be stupider than the one before.   I think it’s the inbreeding….

Over these past 9 years we’ve witnessed some incredible stupidity from Democrats,  – both old ones and young ones.

Starting in late 2007 we watched misplaced (but very deeply embedded) White Guilt give birth to unquestioned Obama Worship.  He could do no wrong.  – he was not to be doubted,  he was not to be questioned – HE WAS BLACK!


Any who dared question his credentials – or his citizenship – were immediately branded RACISTS!   And just for good measure his Grandmother died the weekend before the election;  – and Loretta Fuddy was the only one on the small plane that drowned.

So for 8 years we have quietly endured a rank amateur trying to drive the economy and steer the ship of state.

It has been a bloody disaster,  – where most of the blood was spilled across Africa and the Middle East.


Our economy has remained flat,  and ISIS has grown from what Obama called “the JV team” to be a world-wide threat with demonstrated global reach.

Yet even today,  most Democrats and nearly all young people will still call you a racist if you criticize Obama or talk about the horrible results of his presidency.

You have to wonder if back in 2008 they were willing to bargain away our security,  our allies,  and our economic future – – just to be able to point to a Black President.

And during these past 8 years young Americans coming out of our dumbed-down public schools are significantly dumber than they were in June 2008.


Ask them “During what years was WW II fought?”

Which nations fought which nations?”

Who started the war in Europe?   Why?”

What was the Molotov-Rippentrop Pact about?”

Who started the war in Asia and the Pacific?   Why?”

What do the names Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, Hiryu, Shokaku, and Zuikaku mean to you?”

How many people died during WW II?”

Please Folks – do try this test on teenagers and 20-something adults you know.

You need to see with your own eye the vacant looks on their faces….

Your public schools are teaching anti-bullying and Gay Pride,  – not basic World and US History.  They’re turning out robotic left-wing voters with no clue about the real world.

Ask them where Benghazi is…..and what happened there….

Benghazi Dead

And yet they’re so upset that Trump was elected that they’re cutting classes and blocking streets…..and getting tattoos…..


Starting in January,   Trump can only buy us some time.


So long as you have powerful people advocating Common Core, and Teacher Unions more concerned with their benefits packages than they are about what their graduates actually know,…we will continue to pay high taxes for union teachers to dumb down our kids – to the level of Kardashian followers.

Remember that just a week ago some 62 million Americans (who claim to be thinking patriots) – voted for the career liar and crook Hillary Clinton,  – and they refused to hear any of the ugly truths about her, – they wanted a WOMAN!

This election was way too close;  scary close….  

We have to fix a lot about our country – so the next time either party puts up a WOMAN,  – she won’t be a mere token;  – she’ll be the most honest and most highly qualified woman in America!


8 Responses to “Donald Trump Can Only Buy Us Time”

  1. Christine

    The Democrats were so desperate to put up the first black president that it was all that mattered. In the same vein they wanted to be the party of the first female president. Character is subordinate to the claim of crossing these artificial hurdles. Sarah Palin was not to be allowed anywhere near the White House because she would have shattered the mythical barrier the Left needs to perpetuate as proof of bigotry. Hypocrites are second only to liars in my hierarchy of undesirables.

  2. Hawk1776

    Most Republicans want to take a break, relax and enjoy the election results. They won so they’re entitled right?

    Wrong. The battle continues unabated. Liberal news services are doing their best to undermine Trump. Their articles are filled with innuendo suggesting Trump will be a disaster. I am appalled at how biased the reporting was during the election. We need to challenge every instance of biased reporting; let them know that we’re not buying their malarkey. Changing channels only requires a click of the remote. Trump should defund NPR, which is simply a Democratic propaganda organization.

    You have taken a week off. That’s enough. Time to start fighting again.

  3. Raymond Smithson

    Give em hell Donald.

  4. MC

    Today’s youth don’t even know who fought in America’s civil war or who the parties in the American Revolution were.

    If you really want to try something that will amaze you. Go to a cashier who doesn’t have the change app on their register. If for example your bill is $15.49 give them $20.50 and watch them tell you -“You have given me too much”–having no clue that you wan’t a five dollar bill in change instead of the ones. Watch their face to see how long it takes for them to figure it out.

    How much do we pay these union teachers !!!!

  5. Kojack

    Mike, don’t forget the public schools also teach “Climate Change” and “The Seven Pillars of Islam” as well.

    The subject of this post cannot be overemphasized. I have been articulating this point to everyone I know during the campaign. The MORONS LIKE THE ONE IN THE ABOVE PIC ARE SO DUMBED DOWN that I really don’t think it’s possible to undo all of the damage that has been done to our culture/country since the beginning of the liberal/progressive/communist movement over 100 years ago. It certainly can’t be done in 1 or 2 terms. If Trump can serve 2 terms followed by Pence for 2 that would be only a good start.

  6. Mark

    Kojack, there are only five pillars of Islam.

  7. Catherine

    Hawk1776 is exactly right. We have had a week, roughly, to recover and celebrate. Now BACK TO WORK. We have GOT to reach out to anyone even remotely reachable and teach them why CONSERVATISM is the way to improve the lives of ourselves, the poor in this country,and the world in general.

  8. Walter Knight

    It’s a fight for our culture. Obama has been open about that from the start. We fight back in our own way. It’s why we voted for Trump. It’s why you confront liberals. It’s why I write science fiction.