Donald McEachin: “Send In The Guard!”

Posted December 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Virginia has a large population of lifelong Democrats – government employees and multi-generation welfare recipients.  So gun-grabbing socialists have targeted the state for a trial of “RED FLAG” laws. Conservative Sheriffs,  counties, and cities have countered with “2nd Amendment Sanctuary Laws”, infuriating the gun-grabbers.

Now comes Dem Rep (VA 4th) Aston Donald McEachin ~ allegedly an attorney ~ who wants Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (the live baby killer) to deploy the Virginia National Guard to seize guns from US Citizens.

If McEachin is truly concerned by the murder rate in towns like Richmond, Petersburg, and Norfolk; – should he be looking at the deliberate destruction of Black Families by his racist Democrat Party and the drug trade,…

– – or should he be blaming “GUNS” sitting peacefully in the homes of law-abiding Virginia Citizens?

Is McEachin so brainwashed in Democrap talking points,  – and was he raised is such a racial world by his US Army dad, – – that he cannot see the connection between poverty,  violence,  and what Democrats did for 60+ years to Blacks in big cities (voter plantations)…?

As a Black Democrat – is it just easier to BLAME GUNS,  – and want the Governor to send out the National Guard to raid homes?   Will he ride along with them?


These “Red Flag Laws” and other stupid and unconstitutional ideas are very popular with Democrats, Socialists, Globalists, and outright Commies.

Bad ideas have a way of becoming the Law of the Land…

People who haven’t really STUDIED History don’t remember what happened here the last time the Government sent in the Army to take guns from us.

If they try it again,…Patriots just might clean out the Democrats,…and a lot of other undesirables….

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  1. Walter Knight

    A point no one has thought about: The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 states that a Governor is no longer the sole commander of a National Guard. The US President can take control of the Guard without the Governor’s consent. Would this give Trump the power to prevent Virginia’s governor from using the National Guard for illegal purposes like unconstitutional gun confiscation? Any thoughts?


    The biggest safeguard of our 2nd Amendment is that our Military – including our Reserve and Guard forces, are made up of Citizen Soldiers, – who all know that one day their time will be up and they’ll return to (retired) civilian status.

    These are not Swiss or Hessian mercenaries, – not the French Foreign Legion, – or the Legions of Rome.

    And,…for the most part they tend to be Conservatives,…well aware of politics and our Constitution.

    A given governor may find an ass-kissing general willing to follow orders to seize weapons, – but that general would damn near have to to it himself… The Troops won’t follow.

    AND,…the Guardsmen also know they can be sued in civil court for any violation of civil rights or property damage.