Don To Dawn To Don…At ABC News

Posted August 6th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Don Dawn DonSick puppy or
publicity stunt?

ABC News [where else?] overnight editor Don Ennis announced last May that he was a woman trapped inside a [bald] man.  He blamed his mommy for feeding him hormones.

So ‘Dawn‘ began wearing the wig, skirts, lipstick, etc. He began to divorce his wife Wendy [17 years – 3 children]. ABC co-workers were supportive – oh of course! ABC News

Suddenly he wants to be Don again. Did Weiner start texting him? Was he scared straight?  And people trust ABC News…why?

3 Responses to “Don To Dawn To Don…At ABC News”

  1. Tom

    The LGBT community should be all over this and their biggest apologist Niki Tsongas whose latest crusade is allowing gay men to donate blood. Who cares about the possibility of HIV and the use of hormones? For her it’s all about “equality” and capturing the victim voter.

  2. Hawk1776

    And this is the guy who edits the news that the talking heads read every day? No wonder the MSM’s idea of truth differs from reality.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Once you change your sex, it should be a final decision. Of course, final decisions require commitment. Something the lefties at ABC apparently don’t believe in. I have never watched that channel for my news in the past and I won’t now. We watch Fox News or go online and read The Blaze. The Blaze is usually a couple of days ahead of Fox News on politics,etc.


    He/she/he is kind’a lucky Casey, ‘she’ didn’t have the ‘hes’ cut off yet….

    But then at ABC, do any of them have any ‘hes’?