Does Kamala Harris Have A Special Friend?

Posted April 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Is she that one woman able…
…to bring out the straight in our bi-sexual pResident?
Kamala and Barack

And of course we’re writing about Kamala because once again in a moment of euphoria, Obama has let his mouth overload his….

He was campaigning / fund-rai$ing / [staying away from Michelle] – at a DNC lunch in Atherton, Calif Thursday when he complimented the California Attorney General as follows:

She’s brilliant and she’s dedicated, she’s tough …

She also happens to be,  by far,  the best looking attorney general,”  [groans] “It’s true! C’mon.”

Kamala probably appeals to Obama because of her mixed parentage [Indian – Jamacian], and her liberal outlook on the Law and the Constitution.
Together Again

Despite a lackluster career as a prosecutor, in Nov 2010 she won the election to be California’s Attorney General [replacing Jerry ‘MoonBeam’ Brown] by less than 1% of the vote.

She’s got Michelle so rattled that yesterday she referred to herself as ‘a busy single mother…’

Yet, incredibly, – liberals are talking about her as a possible Supreme Court nominee in Obama’s second term.
With Body Man Reggie Love in FLA

PoutingWas it just last month when Obama was vacationing ‘alone’ in Florida,…in the company of his other ‘special friend’ – so-called ‘Body Man’ Reggie Love…

Somebody is going to get their feelings hurt….

UPDATE:  Wed 9 Nov 2016  Karmala won the election to replace US Senator Barbara Boxer.

4 Responses to “Does Kamala Harris Have A Special Friend?”

  1. Tom

    In my personal opinion, Pam Biondi, the Florida Attorney General, is by far the best looking AG and public official in the USA, but of course, I am an opinionated old man.

  2. Walter Knight

    Tom, you are right. Pam is totally hot.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Oh, Bother.

  4. Kojack

    Tom and Walter, I agree that distinction belongs to Pam Bondi hands down. In fact I don’t find Kamala physically attractive at all. It must be the Marxism they have in common that he finds so attractive.