Doctor Shutdown’s Sudden Change Of Heart

Posted May 23rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

At first CNN didn’t know who Fauci was,  and they were bemoaning the lack of FACES OF COLOR at Trump’s first Coronavirus meeting.  Then when they could see a way to steal the 2020 Election, “Doctor Lockdown” became their darling….

Suddenly in just the space of a week Fauci has changed his tune.  Did a questionable stock sale involve insider knowledge?

Since the beginnings of the knee-jerk school closings and lockdowns, there were voices of reason suggesting that for BOTH MEDICAL and ECONOMIC reasons – lockdowns were a terrible idea, – even counter-productive.

But Democrats saw a way to get mail-in voting (and ballot harvesting) approved amid the unnecessary panic,…so certain left-wing governors began extending their lockdowns – and left-wing mayors went even further – canceling ALL EVENTS for the rest of 2020.

Nancy Pelosi was working on a “bailout bill” that would destroy the Trump Economy forever,  – and make tens of millions of working citizens forever dependent on food stamps and government checks.

Unwatched by most Americans,  the Stock Markets took some wild rides this past week,  – in part because a drug company named Moderna announced “promising early results” from a Coronavirus vaccine. 

Doctor Fauci was quick to echo the words of “cautious enthusiasm”.   It made Moderna’s stock soar as investors tried to get in early.

But then – after insiders Kim and Zaks had made windfall profits on selling their stock, – the price of Moderna stock fell. Had Doctor Fauci led the lambs to the slaughter?

And there he was, Friday afternoon,  suddenly saying that lockdowns should NOT CONTINUE – that they cause “irreparable damage”

…after 30 million Americans are out of work?   After a huge spike in suicides and domestic violence cases…?

…all for a virus with a 98.7% survival rate?   Where some people never even know they’ve been infected…?

Doctor Fauci – the Pied Piper of Pandemics! 

3 Responses to “Doctor Shutdown’s Sudden Change Of Heart”

  1. Vince Picarello

    What a freaking farce…let’s find a way to take their freedom away…

  2. Ben

    It never ceases to amaze me , how so few can screw up so many .

  3. Stubby Buddy

    Looking forward to all the prosecutions and CONVICTIONS for insider trading (and more). Next year, perhaps.


    Or ready to go on November 4th…..