Doctor Lo Phones It In From Hawaii?

Posted February 21st, 2021 by Iron Mike

Gee, did Marty Walsh high-tail it out of Boston just as the shit was hitting the fan?

Doctor Lo gets to phone it in – because she has elderly parents?

What about the people with elderly parents in Boston? 

If Boston doesn’t need a DOCTOR as the Medical Director of the BPHC – working HERE in BOSTON, – why was Doctor Lo hired (to fill out Boston’s AA/EEO chart…?) and why was taxpayer money being used to pay her?

WHO is making these hiring and work decisions?

Is Boston paying for Doctor Lo to maintain an ‘office’ in Hawaii?

Hypocrisy much?  Charlie FAKER and Marty Walsh have shut down almost every business and activity they can think of,  – enforce us wearing masks;  – but the privileged ones get to work from 5,083 miles away – and get PAID for it!

Who’s taking care of YOUR elderly parents?

If you’re living and paying taxes in Boston,  – and most likely voting for Democrats all your life,  – are you enjoying this exercise in AA/EEO plus Executive Prerogative plus Intersectionality?

Still waiting for Biden and Pelosi to send you your $2,000 bailout check?

Keep voting for the professional thieves.

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UPDATE:  Aw, who could have guessed?

This just became a political issue with Marty Walsh gone and EVERYBODY is in the race to replace him as Mayor…

So which councilor – Essaibi-George or Baker,  – has a replacement Doctor on standby,  – ready to step into Jennifer’s empty shoes, – if she decides to stay in Hawaii…?

3 Responses to “Doctor Lo Phones It In From Hawaii?”

  1. Jim Buba

    Taking all the money BEFORE it is China-dried up!

    Makes good union sense, so when will the Union(s) Strike Back?

  2. Keith

    Gives new meaning to the phrase “phoning it in”

  3. Ben

    What a scam! Now this mornings newspaper tells me soda is going to be taxed.
    Must be for state no show jobs. It really is getting sickening.