Doctor David Shulkin – You’re FIRED!

Posted March 28th, 2018 by Iron Mike

If ever a guy had an opportunity to do one hell of a job – it was Doctor Shulkin.  He had already served 19 months as under-secretary during the final years of the Obama administration,  – then Trump gave him a shot to clean up the Department.  It should have been easy,  – he knows where the skeletons are hidden.

He went vacationing in Europe and to black-tie events instead.

The final straw come at 4:30 am today when a 62-year old veteran committed suicide in the waiting room of the St. Louis Veteran’s Hospital.

The hospital issued a statement so limp and lame I won’t include it here,  – it just was limp – like undercooked pizza.

Just a guess, – but assigning a career doctor – who never served a day in uniform – and never spent time with the troops – was a BIG mistake for both Obama and Trump.

We always knew Obama didn’t give a shit about the troops,  but Trump does!

Shulkin couldn’t identify with his patients,  – just saw them as numbers on spread sheets and PowerPoint graphs.  He lacked any sense of urgency,  – and worked the executive system for his own convenience.

Now he can look for a job.

Rear Admiral Ronny L. Jackson, MD – a highly qualified Navy Doctor who has been the White House Doctor since 2006,  – will replace Shulkin.

Admiral Jackson is a Texas A & M grad, – and throughout his navy service always opted for the tough and dangerous assignments.  

Maybe at last the VA will see some heads roll.

3 Responses to “Doctor David Shulkin – You’re FIRED!”

  1. FLICK

    Sadly the media do not explain why the ‘chaos’ in the White House is happening. They should preface it with “in a continuing effort to drain the swamp…”

  2. Kojack

    “We always knew Obama didn’t give a shit about the troops, but Trump does!”

    The SHIT-HEADS on the radio morning show that I listen to from 6am – 10am don’t seem to understand that.

  3. Mt Woman

    God bless with support and guidance as Dr Ronny Jackson assumes his new role. This is a HUGE job that has been left to languish in a mess of bureaucracy for years and years. Our veterans deserve the best!