Do You Like Our New Obama (NewBama)?

Posted February 3rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

We Have A New President!

I’ve been watching our president with deep interest from the days of the 2004 DNC in Boston. Back then he electrified the Convention, although only a Illinois State Senator at the time.  Many started talking “President”.  Wow, who knew? 

Upon being elected to the US Senate in 2004, Obama really went into high gear – positioning himself for a run at the White House and doing the only thing he appears able to do well, – give speeches that vilify American traditions, question our values, and blame George W. Bush.  Back then I wondered who was funding his travels, – but I guess we’ve sort of figured that out.  Anyway, while we can deplore the methods, and question the gullibility of American voters in 2008, – it’s hard to knock success. Obama won. Period.

In 2008 and through all of 2009 we saw OldBama – a supremely confident – even cocky young man, convinced in the righteousness of his views, and secure in his skill at mass marketing.  There were hardly stages or venues big enough to hold either his audiences or his ego. Remember the speech he gave in Berlin?  Or his DNC acceptance speech which was moved from the Pepsi Center to Bronco Stadium?

And as the momentum built behind him in the MSM, – as his picture was on all the magazine covers, – as his every move was followed on the news, – he assumed god-like proportions to some.  Chris Matthews’ famous “chill running up my leg” took on a life of its own.  Poor – mostly inner-city Blacks were seen on TV euphorically proclaiming that he “was sent from God”. Commentators including this author mockingly called him The MEssiah.  And we were both amazed and alarmed when – he won!

Upon taking office he was giving televised speeches on a daily basis, from the rose garden to the UN to Cairo to Moscow to China.  He had to tell everybody that he represented a new America, – a more humble and more apologetic America.  An America where his plan for reforming health care was about to transform everything.  While Pelosi and Reid steamrolled the Stimulus, Cap & Trade, and ObamaCare through Congress, Obama’s voice and teleprompter seemed unstoppable. His overbearing smugness was so palpable that we all mocked him for it.

True there was growing opposition.  Those damned TEA Parties,  that idiot Glenn Beck,  the smartalec Hannity and that insufferable Rush Limbaugh.  And those bloggers, Drudge, Breitbart, Malkin, Bob Parks, and America’s arch-villain – FoxNews.  But OldBama continued to fly Air Force One all over the country and bitch-slap his opposition – calling them mean-spirited, ill-informed, and stubborn.  And the MSM helped him by ignoring the anger boiling over at the Town Hall meetings and the TEA Party events.

So when suddenly the polls indicated that “Teddy’s seat” might be in dire trouble, a supremely arrogant and smugly sneering OldBama flew into Boston at the last minute to work HIS magic, to do what Bill Clinton had just failed in doing, and pull Martha’s chestnuts from the fire. No matter that he’d never met her [or Scott Brown] – HE was after all OldBama the Magnificent, – and if HE wanted her elected, – the people had to comply.  He showed us his cleverness and his grasp of the people by campaigning against Scott’s pickup truck.  Badda Bing – Badda Boom, Martha was now a shoe-in!  Right?

But by 10:20 PM  Tuesday, January 19th the sun had begun to set on George Soros’ Socialist Empire.  The Chosen One – the Teleprompter-powered Puppet was in a new state – the state of denial.  Pelosi and Reid quickly grasped the truth, because their ranks were thinning by the minute.  By Wednesday night ObamaCare and probably Cap & Tax were laying like dead fish in the back of a disconnected refrigerator. So were the next three years of OldBama’s term in office.

To me watching his State of the Union Address, – he seemed both very angry, and stuck on a rock in mid-stream.  He was both shattered, blustery, and spewing.  He’d never struck me as presidential, but this was a performance unworthy of even a junior politician.  Only the teleprompters allowed him to complete his assignment.  Michelle was scowling so harshly from the balcony that I ~ almost ~ pitied his ride home with her.  Well, almost.

In his follow-on trip to Florida and yesterday to New Hampshire, – we’ve seen a whole new Obama – “NewBama”.  NewBama is still grasping to understand what happened to his spaceship.  So he cancelled ours.  He’s been told the country has 10+% unemployment so he’s going to focus on “jobs”.  He’s going to use repaid TARP money – which by law must go to pay off the deficit – to get small banks to start making [risky] loans.  I see this as a mini-version of Fanny and Freddie. He’s suddenly going to give tax breaks to small business and small private ventures. Wow!

He going to allow oil drilling in our own reserves, and offshore.  And he suddenly wants to start new nuclear power generating facilities?  Easy for him to say, he knows all his left-wing lawyer buddies will tie these moves up in court for twenty years.

But NewBama showed us his true self in Florida and NH when he took questions, and quickly reverted to his snarling attacks on Republicans, George W. Bush, insurance companies, banks, and FoxNews. He is a man stuck in denial, and still living in 2009. He became so totally comfortable going on the road selling his vision of “transforming America” that he cannot sell “jobs” with any visible feeling. Yesterday he was reading a script, – not delivering his own speech, – and it showed. Afterwards he once again reverted to his fall-back health care mode.

NewBama is a man wallowing in self-pity, denial, and bitterness.

He’s been shown magnificently inept at understanding and dealing with issues such as Iran, Afghanistan, terrorism, the law, China, Haiti, education, and above all – the American People. Day by day it becomes clearer – the man does not understand the American People. He’s isolated himself from mainstream America since his teen years, and has managed to lead a charmed life. He is the stranger-president of a nation he appears to hate, and leader of a people he neither appreciates nor understands.

But still he wants to transform us. I’m thinking that 2010 will not go well for NewBama!  The wheels are about to come off NewBama’s wagon. Without stagecraft and teleprompters, you can see NewBama is actually a lot like OldBama – an angry, twisted, empty sock puppet for Soros Socialism.  Unscripted he doesn’t do well – he puts his foot in it almost every time.

Rats always desert a sinking ship and I’m betting that NewBama’s minions will start departing the White House. After all, if they’re not all going to be Socialist Czars, then there is always that exciting world of writing books, working for MSNBC as a commentator, maybe even movie deals. Maybe we’ll finally learn the truth about him, and see long-hidden documents.

OldBama disliked or despised America and Americans.  He believed we needed “fundamental transformation – into a socialist society. But he did bask in his man-god image. That has been taken from him – abruptly – by a mere mortal – [ouch] by a common citizen-soldier.  Now Obama knows the anger and distrust we feel towards him is real, measurable, and personal.  So we need to watch this angry pResident even more carefully.  And keep his room ready over at Walter Reed.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts


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