Do You Feel Irrelevant?

Posted November 19th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Tsongas Clings To The 2% Myth

Once upon a time some Socialists set about seeing how they could start dividing up the American people.  They already knew they could pit city vs. country,  coastal dwellers vs. heartland,  gun owners vs. gun haters,  gay exhibitionists vs. Christian traditionalists,  and Red Sox vs. Damn Yankees.  But it just wasn’t getting the job done.

They wanted to drive bigger wedges into us along social and economic lines to make us feel ‘poor and victimized’ and angry at those ‘rich greedy fat cats’.

So with a little polling and a little research they settled first on ‘the richest 1%’ and then broadened it to ‘the richest 2%’.  Those hated 2% were their new villains – those greedy industrialists responsible for global polution, world poverty,  wars, world-wide slums, hunger, disease, ADHD, child suffering, and of course global warming and underfed polar bears.

It is often called the ‘politics of envy’ or more properly ‘the politics of class warfare hate’.  Niki Tsongas bought into every inch of it.  Her letter to a concerned 5th District Constituent proves it once again.  Worse, even after the TEA Party Tsunami of November 2nd, she is clinging to her twisted belief system.  Why wouldn’t she?  MazzWholes just returned her to office.  She ~ must ~ be right!

Today Niki responded to a constituent urging her to hurry the vote for the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts in part as follows:

As you know, the tax cuts commonly referred to as the Bush tax cuts are set to expire at the end of this year. Congress faces a significant challenge in determining whether all, some, or none of these cuts should be allowed to expire, and whether any extensions should be temporary or permanent. Complicating this question are two urgent challenges, our still fragile economy and our growing national debt.

I favor extending tax cuts for families earning less than $250,000 and the vast majority of small businesses. Extending tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans would grow the national deficit by another $700 billion, and I can't support putting tax breaks for the highest income earners ahead of starting to bring down the deficit.

Somehow Niki still thinks that if rich folks aren’t taxed at some whopping higher rate than we are, they’re somehow getting an unearned ‘tax break’.

Since Niki has NEVER created a private sector job in her life – or even worked in the private sector herself.  She has NO CLUE how to create a job.  She thinks – yeah, she really thinks – that Congress creates jobs by enacting massive government spending programs.

MazzWholes,  you and I are NEVER going to change her thinking.  She’s too old, too set in her ways, and approaching senility.  We had a great chance this year, but we blew it.  Here in the Mass 5th, we went with a fatally flawed non-voting Republican candidate [probably because the Tsongites sent 4000 people to vote for him] – so she easily won re-election.

The 111th Lame Duckers will try pushing through some bad laws in the closing weeks:

*  They’ll try passing the DREAM Act – giving illegal teenagers the ‘right’ to stay here and go to college on your dime.

*  They’ll try to push through a bill allowing gays to serve openly in uniform – a horrible idea at any time – even worse in the midst of three wars.

*  And they’ll try to enact ‘a middle-class tax cut’ and leave those evil selfish 2%ers to take their money and invest it off-shore.   No new jobs will be created, – and that is exactly what Soros / Obama / Pelosi / Reid want.  They’re setting up economic disaster so that ‘the government will be forced to act!’.   It is the time-tested pattern of socialist takeovers of democratic governments.

Niki will vote as always – EXACTLY as Pelosi tells her to.  Then they’ll do lunch.

Niki doesn’t ‘get it’, and probably she is incapable of ‘getting it’.  The November 2nd election results nationwide are lost on her.  The 64 seat Republican gain is lost on her.

She doesn’t respect our views and our opinions.  She ignores the facts and believes the myths.  She is absolutely certain that she’s hanging with smarter and better people than you. 

A year ago I bet she thought that if she actually came to Lowell she’d see those folks dying in the street for lack of medical care, and if she went up to Hudson Bay she’d see scrawny polar bears starving on the shores. 

She is certain that any who oppose her socialist views are just those mean, stupid right-wingers, – a noisy, annoying, but irrelevant lunatic fringe.  Do you feel irrelevant?

If you love this country, and care about your old age, and your kids’ old ages, – then KEEP THE PRESSURE ON NIKI!!   Be loud,  be clear, and be in her face.  Give her no peace for these next two years.  Then let’s finally be DONE with her!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Oh, did she tell you that her daddy was in the Air Force and she’s working on light-weight body armor?

One Response to “Do You Feel Irrelevant?”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    Niki, could you please explain the logic as to why extending a tax cut that has been in place will cost the taxpayers $700B for the wealthiest 2% (who pay 40% of the taxes) and nothing for the other 98%( who must pay 60% of the taxes and many of whom pay no taxes at all). These are Dem talking points from the pen of David Axelrod TAX CUTS COST $0, you idiots and higher taxes for that 2% will mean less job creation and less money in the tax coffers