Do You Believe Democrats Really CARE?

Posted March 30th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Democrats will be sure you keep voting….for decades….

One Response to “Do You Believe Democrats Really CARE?”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    The Democrats are working hard to enact their socialist agenda and destroy our country and our way of life. They want to take away our guns, open our borders, government-run health care, job killing energy mandates, and are working very hard to undermine our election integrity. We must stop them, we need to elect brave, conservatives who will fight back.

    Wonder of wonders, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky during a White House briefing warned of “impending doom” amid a recent increase in covid cases. We must keep up the narrative at all costs, or this scam will go down the tubes and the Dems and the feds lose the unwarranted power they have gained because of the virus.

    These tyrants will not rest until our country looks like Cuba or Venezuela!