Do NOT Hire Munchkin Copettes!

Posted June 1st, 2021 by Iron Mike

Equal Opportunity BE DAMNED!  An undersized cop – male or female, – is a walking target for thugs. Your city will at best pay for a Police Funeral, – at worst for a lifelong disability claim and lifelong medical care.   STUPID!

These photos – and the video below the fold shows exactly why undersized cops simply invite disaster.  Imagine if she had not been rescued by bystanders – and the cretin had gotten her guns…. VIDEO:

This tiny cop speaks Chinese – which may be useful in some situations.

But alone on the sidewalks of filthy degenerate San Francisco – she is a danger to herself and to the general public. 

She can’t even safeguard her weapons.


If you’re too small to be a cop or a soldier,  – get a job as a librarian.

They have step ladders to reach the top shelves.

One Response to “Do NOT Hire Munchkin Copettes!”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    ALL police officers should train in some form of martial art. Preferably a discipline that teaches how to resist being jumped, grappled and attacked with a chokehold, and how to take firearms and edged weapons away from a suspect, like Krav Maga.