Do Black Lives Really Matter – Anywhere?

Posted July 22nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

While we should not judge the majority of ANY people on the actions of a few,  – the recent rioting in parts of South Africa – an all-Black nation with only a tiny White population of farmers,  – should cause some Americans to re-think their politics.

If you didn’t hear about the South African riots – which started when former President Jacob Zuma began a prison sentence for corruption and defying the Court,  – what news service can you trust?

Before it was over – hundreds of stores were looted and burned – in dozens of cities and towns.

South Africa poured in 25,000 troops,  – the equivalent of the entire 101st and the entire 82nd Airborne Divisions,  – to back up local police departments.

What many Americans are largely unaware of is that the existence of a significant Indian minority – mostly middle-class shop owners and merchants – in South Africa.  When the rioting began – they were targeted,  and with the police unlikely to protect them – they took matters into their own hands.

It is a lesson for Americans with Democraps yammering to “Defund the Police”,   – even as crime and rioting are widespread here.

Arm yourself,  stay AWARE,  – and be READY!

As South Africans pick among the rubble of their burned-out shops and malls,  – and try to decide who to blame,…it is up to thinking Americans (there are none in the White House) to understand what happened,   and how to make sure it doesn’t happen here:

South Africa remains a loose collection of TRIBES – all of which used to be at war with each other,  – for thousands of years before White Settlers arrived.

BLACK GOVERNMENT has failed to deliver on promises – and there are almost no White farmers left to blame.

GOVERNMENT has been corrupt….and the MEDIA has failed to report on it.

The COURTS have failed to communicate effectively – so people don’t trust them.

In Black Africa – life is dirt cheap!

Is the KEY problem “RACE”,  – if all of the key actors are BLACK?

Or is the problem one of CULTURE?

South Africa or the USA – – these are the questions,   – and we shouldn’t let tribal race-baiters have the megaphone! 

One Response to “Do Black Lives Really Matter – Anywhere?”

  1. Jim Buba

    Racist Blacks moved into South Africa for a piece of the action created by Whites in the Gold and Diamond mines. The same is true today, 100 years and playing. They organized and murdered to get their way, which is impossible to sustain for the Environmental destruction imposed by the Lack of water.

    Mandela recognized the division of intelligence and training as well as the lack of resources moving to level a playing field Politically, using the force of law, which never, still, had no impact or influence on Mother Nature.

    It is the penultimate enigma that even Oprah cannot resolve.