DNC Fundraising Tanks! Why?

Posted December 23rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Has the party built on Slavery,  Jim Crow,  Segregation,  Abortion,  and Welfare Slavery run aground in the 21st Century?
Were Obama and Hillary the last Pallbearers?

They’re $3.3 million in debt
,  and fundraising has tanked,  even as the DNC is being sued for manipulating funds and hiding payment for the FusionGPS anti-Trump dossier.   Is Tom Perez just a shitty salesman,  – or is there growing disenchantment with what the Party stands for?

Looking back three years ago – the early signs of Hillary’s defeat and the DNC’s money woes were beginning to show.  The so-called ‘Smartest Woman in the World’ couldn’t draw a crowd in a über-liberal DC area college full of wannabe future commissars.

I took a quick look at the DNC website, and a couple of things stood out.

FIRST:  They are trying to sell multi-colored FACES,  – but they’re downplaying America.

SECOND:  They’re very proud of having elected Doug Jones in Alabama,  – but don’t mention how much money it cost them,  – against an admittedly controversial Judge Moore.

AND they fail to mention the efforts of sex-scandal lawyer Gloria Allred and her parade of ‘women wronged’ (40 years ago).

THIRD:  They seem indifferent to tax-paying American Citizens,  – as their message is more about dividing America into groups (12 groups) and illegal immigrants,  – and of course supporting their largest voting block – union teachers.

NOTE: The DNC says NOTHING about defending your 2nd Amendment Guarantee!  They’re all gun-grabbers.

A few generations ago union factory workers and union miners were the backbone of the Democrat Party.  

As Truman was running for election in 1948 – the college campuses across America were filled with WWII combat veterans – going to school on the GI Bill.   They weren’t demanding ‘safe spaces’!

But then in the 80s and 90s came the know-it-all college Democrats – who vilified belching smokestacks and coal mines….even as they embraced open borders, illegal aliens, homosexuals and the United Nations.

Has the DNC gambled that they’ll get more money and more votes from the GLBTQ community than they ever will from folks who punch a time clock…?   If so,…oops!

4 Responses to “DNC Fundraising Tanks! Why?”

  1. Catherine

    Did you note that on their list of the “people” that there is NO PLACE for anyone who is (a) white, or (b) simply considers themselves to be American?

    Yes, the party of division and hatred. That may get protests and riots going, but is not so good for raising funds. Time to give that lowlife nazi collaborator soros a call for funds.

  2. Clinton ma tea party

    Remember at the DNC convention when they booed GOD.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    That’s funny, the Democrats’ list of special pleaders leaves out their biggest group of supporters: women. And nothing about children, either… the lucky “fetuses” who managed to survive all 9 months, get born and draw their first breath.

  4. Panther 6

    Their fund raising has tanked because their platform and goals are so left wing radical that they drive away any thinking American. I was born and raised a demorat but when the party turned and marched in a different direction from my beliefs and what I felt our nation stood for, I left them. That was about 1965.

    Merry Christmas to all.