Disinterested Obama Phones It In

Posted March 22nd, 2011 by Iron Mike

Vacation Interruptus

Sometimes a single photo says it all:

We still have troops in Iraq, fighting in Afghanistan, and now Libya. Our ally Japan is recovering from an 8.9 earthquake, Tsunami, and nuclear reactor explosions. The entire Islamic world is ablaze in revolutions.

Here at home Obama’s freeze on oil drilling and his general anti-oil policies are driving up the cost of gasoline to the point that businesses will soon go under. Louisiana has lost 19,000 jobs since his freeze. Yet his $2 Billion loan for Soros-Brazilian oil drilling goes unchallenged?

Unemployment remains high, illegals still pour across our southern border, and he’s still suing Arizona. And his loyal Democrats in the Senate are blocking any real attempt at a budget.

So our detached and disinterested Mister Hope and Change phones in from vacation in Brazil. MoonBats must be so proud of this jerk!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Some guys don’t get to phone it in. American F-15 Strike Eagle downed in Libya. Pilots ejected.

F-15 downed by 'mechanical problems'. Have we already flown the life out of these great birds?

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  1. Tom Gilroy

    PertoBras gets $2B, where is the outrage from the House and Senate? The Marine Osprey that rescued the F-15 pilot and second seat may have killed a few villagers during the rescue operation, there will be an investigation. No Soros investigation and if there had been no survivors from the F-15 there would have been no investigation. There is only an investigation when there is collateral damage or there is an allegation that civilians were killed. How many civilians have Gaddafi’s merecnaries killed? Is this not one of the reasons that we imposed the No Fly Zone, to save civilians?