Director Comey – Around The Mulberry Bush

Posted May 4th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Questioned by Senator Ted Cruz – Comey cannot give a straight answer about why Huma Abedin hasn’t been charged….

From his answer, you tell us:   Is he saying she was too stupid to know her actions were criminally careless,  – or is he still scared to go after his personal benefactors – the Clintons?

How stupid does Comey think most of us are…?

If at any time I had even ONCE treated classified information the way the Clinton Cartel did,…

I’d still be sitting in Leavenworth!

UPDATE:   Tues 9 May 2017   Comey / the FBI issues “a correction” about the number of emails….?  How nervous were you James, – and why?  What else are you sitting on?

2 Responses to “Director Comey – Around The Mulberry Bush”

  1. Hawk1776

    It’s hard to believe Comey still has a job. It’s past time for him to go.

  2. Michael W Dane

    In effect he is a willing participant in this lawlessness, he should be charged as well.