Did You See A-N-Y Of THIS On TV?

Posted July 5th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The Europe our American Army liberated from Hitler’s Wehrmacht in 1944 and 1945 is being over-run by hordes of Muslims from Africa and the Middle East,  – and there are battles taking place in the streets – on an almost daily basis….

WHY is our ‘media’ silent?  What happened to our Fourth Estate?

Our Founders sought to protect our hard-won freedoms by embedding in our 1st Amendment the concept of a FREE PRESS, – the right of free men to publish news and opinions as they see fit – without government censorship.

That RIGHT comes with a corresponding RESPONSIBILITY!

If a company operates under the banner of a NEWS STATION,  – they have a DUTY – a sacred obligation – to report the NEWSall of it!

But our modern American media has sinned….they’ve taken sides with the left wing,  – with the globalists, and the one-world thinkers.

They are refusing to report the truth – or any stories unflattering to their theories of how we should be living,  and who we should be welcoming as ‘refugees’ and ‘immigrants’.

Shariah Controled Zone

So while in the course of my lifetime Europe has gone from Nazi occupation to Muslim occupation,  – our media is silent.

YOU must be the FREE PRESS of the 21st Century.

YOU must be that voice for TRUTH.  There is both a pack of lies and nuggets of truth on the internet,  – which is why governments seek to control – and tax it.

Paris NO GO Zones

Seek out the TRUTH – and share with friends and family.  And let’s save America the ugly fate Europe is suffering….

During the late 1920s and throughout the 1930,  – Hitler told the world – told everybody who would listen – that he intended to conquer all of Europe to give his German people “Lebensraum” – living room – or room to spread out and grow….

People dismissed the words of the former corporal….

Today ISLAM is telling us quite clearly what their plan is.  You will convert,  or pay the Jizya [yearly head tax] – or be killed.

AND, the choice is theirs – not yours!


Do you understand why terrorism is just an Islamic tactic?   

CONQUEST and SUBJUGATION is their goal!

The possibility of mass immigration of Muslim Peoples was foreseen by our Founders.  They knew the history of the violent 1200 years of Muslim expansion across Africa,  the Holy Lands,  and into Southern Europe.   They knew why Columbus sailed WEST!

In Article I, § 8, Para. 4 they wrote:

[The Congress shall have the power] To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization

…meaning that power resides with Congress,  – NOT with Obama or the State Department!


WHY has the media muffled reports of this Muslim violence?

In Europe they rely heavily on foreign tourism,  and the media there are in bed with the EU founders,  believing the world is better with a single world government.

Here in America the Media is saturated with left-wing thinkers,  who feel that they’d be accused of ‘inciting Islamophobia’,  – and that any citizen backlash against Muslims would be blamed on them.

Folks,…the Qur’an specifically tells Muslims that it is their DUTY to conquer,  and to convert or enslave the entire world.  Resistance is not a phobia,  – it’s common sense and basic survival!

3 Responses to “Did You See A-N-Y Of THIS On TV?”

  1. Sherox

    The solution is not an easy one, boycott those who sponsor leftist media. Those in the position to do so, buy the leftist media outlets & turn them around. We can not sit idly by while our country is destroyed. We must act, now.

  2. Varvara

    I have seen the first video and I admire the mature woman who defied the outlaw muslims and crossed the street while they were rioting. She has seen this before with other superior people during her life.

    There are 751 ‘no go’ areas in France.

  3. Kojack

    The ASSHOLES in power have no idea. Most of the electorate will be paralyzed by political correctness until the moment they feel the knife slicing through their necks and even then they will be thinking, “They’re just practicing their religion”. They care more about getting “free” stuff or what the Kardashians are up to.

    Islamaphobia is a good thing!